Constantine’s Sassy Award winners announced

Constantine’s Sassy Award winners announced

Much like the Hollywood Oscars, guests for the historic Constantine Center’s 4th Annual Sassy Awards were welcomed by a red carpet. The ambiance continued with a stage reminiscence of a Grecian garden, complete with stately columns, busts, statues and flowers.

For the second year, Terry Loftis was Master of Ceremonies. Katy Adair served as Trophy Girl. Sealed envelopes contained the name of each 2013 Sassy Award winner. Beautifully attired presenters included Serena and Brian Jeffers, Kathy Walker, Jessica and Rachel Boone, Nancysu Herron, Abby Easley, Fletcher Warmington, Alma Hull, Terry and Lori Loftis, Candace Meiler, Audrey Moles, Jewel Santini, Garrett Hartness, Alexis Bighorse, Tre Harper, Leah Strahm and Jennifer Adair.

No production would be complete without the behind-the-scenes efforts of talented individuals who excel in essential areas, such as costuming, makeup, set design, etc. Winners of Technical Achievement were Anthony Adair, Emily Boe, Candace Meiler, and Lori Loftis.

Artistic Design was jointly awarded to Harry Robinson and Lori Loftis. Nominees for this award belong to an elite group who have the vision and the ability to bring a production to life and whose work precedes the stage production.

Cameo appearances have a long history on both stage and screen. Alfred Hitchcock had 39 cameos in his 52 films. These small but important and memorable roles have the potential of launching an actor to bigger roles or even change the tone or an entire scene. Accepting her first Sassy was Best Cameo Performance winner Grace Adair.

In presenting the Best Supporting Actor award, MC Loftis explained, “There is a reason that all acting communities honor those who are on the stage and screen, but not in the leading roll. Their contribution is not only critical to the story but their performance spurs others around them to greater heights. Humbly receiving this prestigious award was CAC President Garrett Hartness.

Patron of the Year is one of several special awards that acknowledges work and support off stage. This award is given to an individual from the public who supports the CAC not only with their attendance at events but in many other ways that may otherwise go unnoticed. Winner of the 2013 Patron Award was Terry Loftis. In accepting his award, Loftis said, “I consider it an honor to be in the company of these great nominees, Carla Core Brown, Karen King, Robert Priest and Mike Tolson.”

Best Child Performance in a Leading Role was awarded to a young lady who managed to carry a leading role in outstanding fashion, Jewel Santini. The uniqueness of this award is that the nominees are 12 years old or younger.

Best Child Performance in a Supporting Role for a child 12 years old or younger was awarded to Alana Hobson. This is Hobson’s first Sassy Award. The Constantine recognizes these young nominees and predicts a great future as they continue to grow into larger roles.

Present Board Member of the Year appreciates the outstanding effort of a Director who has consistently gone above and beyond the responsibilities of his/her office to promote the Arts in Pawhuska and the surrounding areas. Without the continued efforts of these nominees, the Constantine would not be what it is today. Receiving this prestigious award from her peers was Lori Loftis.

Before Loftis announced the winner of Best Director, he said, “It is one of those situations where the CAC is the recipient of a ‘blessed curse.’ The curse is that this year there is only one nominee. The blessing is that we have such a talented man to guide and lead our productions, help our actors polish their craft, and perform the myriad of responsibilities associated with presenting quality productions. All this is done while keeping his good humor intact — almost always. I could not find the words to adequately sum up this person’s qualities and what all he does for the Theater; but, my wife provided me with a quote from EM Forster that epitomizes him and his devotion to this place: ‘One person with passion is better than 40 people that are merely interested.’ That one person is 2013 Best Director winner Garrett Hartness.”

Constantine Award of Merit is a new category created by the Constantine Arts Council to recognize individuals who met or exceeded ticket sales. Receiving the Award of Merit medallions were Rachel Boone, Jake Collier, Abby Easley, Serena Jeffers, Madison Quinton, Jewel Santini, Leah Strahm, and Kathy Walker.

Best Supporting Actress is to inspire the audience to shift their focus to more than just the obvious. Like their male counterparts, supporting actresses aspire to contribute to the overall performance of the production and accentuate all those who are on the stage. Receiving her first Sassy Award for Best Supporting Actress was Jennifer Adair.

The Best Actor Award identifies those performers who inspire others. The ebb and flow of the entire production may revolve around his performance. Receiving his first Sassy Award in this category was Garrett Hartness.

As with their male counterparts, the female lead is essential to all aspects of any stage production. Whether she portrays the femme fatale, the doting mother, or anything in between, the lead actress is looked to for leadership and strength in one moment and passion in every moment. Receiving her first Sassy Award for Best Actress was Kathy Walker.

Following presentation of awards, guests were treated to an appreciation party where they enjoyed light refreshments, visiting with the winners and photo ops.