Drummonds plan boutique hotel downtown

Nathan Thompson |
An over-the-sidewalk balcony and porch combination spans the front of an eight-room boutique hotel on Kihekah Avenue, under development by Ladd and Ree Drummond. The hotel project is two doors north of Drummond's Pioneer Woman Mercantile. Nathan Thompson/Journal-Capital

Ree Drummond revealed on her website what the plans are for one of two buildings she and Ladd Drummond purchased on Kihekah Avenue in downtown Pawhuska, just two doors north of The Pioneer Woman Mercantile.

In a blog post on Thursday, Ree Drummond said the family is rehabilitating the three-story building into an eight-room boutique hotel. Using her nickname for Ladd Drummond as “Marlboro Man,” Ree Drummond said the project is primarily his.

“So these are the two buildings we have been working on, I mean Marlboro Man has been working on,” Ree Drummond wrote. “Work is going on inside and outside, and the balcony/porch has been going up over the past couple of weeks!”

The balcony and porch combination spans over the sidewalk along Kihekah Avenue and had intricate iron railings to add to a unique touch.

I saw a balcony/overhang like this in downtown Houston a few years ago — and of course, New Orleans has them everywhere,” Ree Drummond wrote. “We both thought it would be a fun addition to downtown Pawhuska, then Marlboro Man took it from there.”

Ree Drummond described the eight-room hotel as a location with comfortable suites and an old mural was uncovered, where the common area of the hotel will be located.

The second building, a two story structure next to the Kennedy Building, is still under development, Ree Drummond wrote.

“We have separate plans for this, which I’ll keep you posted on as it progresses,” she wrote.