The Sandy Koufax World Series Champions of 2013 (14 and under) started last Thursday night in Bartlesville. On the pitchers mound playing for the Bruins is No. 15 Calleb Bruce, of Pawhuska, No. 14 James Cole, from Barnsdall, along with Coach Jim Mathes, of Pawhuska. The Bruins were playing a team from Chicago, which they beat 6-4.

Sliding in to home for a score is No. 1 Chase Hayes, from Dewey.

About to make a play to third base is the Bruins catcher No. 15 Calleb Bruce, of Pawhuska.

Calleb Bruce and Coach Jim Mathes, both from Pawhuska, knuckle down after a good inning.

No. 14 James Cole from Barnsdall pitches a strike in the game against the Chicago Giants.