Pawhuska High School track and field coach Mark Frye was thrilled with how the first high school meet using the school’s new track facilities went last Thursday.

“It was wonderful. Everybody loved it,” Frye said of reactions to the new facilities. PHS has a new eight-lane polyurethane track and new pole vault and long jump areas. The school held the Pawhuska Invitational Track Meets on Tuesday and Thursday of last week. The junior high meet was Tuesday. The high school meet was Thursday.

The varsity Pawhuska girls and boys teams turned in meet-winning performances Thursday, Frye said. The seventh-grade girls won on Tuesday and the eighth-grade girls finished in the runner-up position Tuesday, he said.

The varsity teams finished first in a field of 17 teams. The seventh-grade girls finished first in a field of 22 teams. The eighth-grade girls were second only to Bartlesville.

“It was a remarkable week,” Frye said. He commented that the varsity boys ran faster on Pawhuska’s new track than they did at state last year.

“Our boys times were faster than in our state track meet last year,” he said.

Pawhuska High’s girls and boys are consistently strong in the shorter and mid-length relay races and last Thursday they were true to form. PHS took first in the 400 meter relay, the 800 meter relay and the 1600 meter relay — both girls and boys.

In short and relatively short sprints, Pawhuska female runners finished first in the 100 meters and the 200 meters. PHS male runners were first in the 200 meters and the 400 meters.

Among the Pawhuska girls, Shelby Laird finished first in the shot put and Lynnlea McGuire was first in discus. Among the boys in field events, Bryce Drummond finished first in discus. Dalton Hurd was second in the long jump and Tre Harper was third in the pole vault.

In a weekend outing at the Vinita Hornet Relays, the Pawhuska boys tied for first place overall with 120 team points. There were three first-place teams, with the other two being Metro Christian and Beggs.

The Pawhuska girls finished sixth overall at Vinita with 58 team points, just two points behind Beggs.