PASADENA, Calif. (TNS) — The reality started set in as Baker Mayfield slipped into the dark tunnel.

Behind him was a scene of celebration as Georgia players hugged each other and made plans for Atlanta underneath confetti showers and scoreboards that lit up the Pasadena night.

Georgia 54, Oklahoma 48.

Mayfield didn’t have any plans. Not anymore.

With a blocked field goal and a 27-yard Georgia touchdown run in double-overtime, Mayfield’s Oklahoma career was finished.

It wasn’t the ending he planned. He was supposed to be at the center of everything.

The first half went as planned of Mayfield’s final game.

At the break, Mayfield had completed 13-of-18 attempts for 200 yards. He had a touchdown pass — and a touchdown reception thanks to a poised throw from freshman CeeDee Lamb.

The Sooners’ offense wasn’t perfect, but with Rodney Anderson’s 125 rushing yards complementing Mayfield’s passing game, OU entered the locker room with a two-touchdown lead.

Instead, Georgia forced No. 2 Oklahoma (12-2) into a three-and-out to open the third quarter.

But yet again, Mayfield was off the field after three plays. This time, jogging off after he took his third sack of the game.