The July 4, Freedom Day Celebration parade continued to Pawhuska’s Memorial Flag Park where prayers were offered up for our nation. Jody Hull led the Pledge of Allegiance. Nine-year old Bryanna Swan sang the National Anthem.

Alma Hull shared documentation verifying America’s founding fathers were Christians, stating, "The first meeting of the Continental Congress was started with Prayer and the reading and studying of three chapters from the Bible – one of which was Psalms 35 which caused many of them to weep."

She explained that after days of intense discussions during the 1787 Constitutional Convention, our leaders opted for a three-day break. During the break, they attended church services led by Rev. William Rogers of the 1st Calvinist Church (forerunner of the 1st Baptist Church). Upon reconvening, they unanimously agreed their much-needed break an ‘intervention of God.’

"When George Washington was inaugurated, his acceptance speech was more of a sermon and included at least six different Biblical references," said Alma. "Washington insisted his oath be taken with his hands on a Bible. He added the words, ‘So help me God’ to the oath, kissed the Bible and then publicly prayed for the new Nation.

"In 1926, President Washington was attacked and called a Ditheist, meaning he believed in two universal forces – good and evil; that he was not a Christian; and that he did not believe in a Supreme Being. I believe we have proven different. Washington’s adopted daughter wrote that one could just as well argue that he was not patriotic as to say he was not a Christian."

Hull also dispelled myths about Thomas Jefferson’s Bible and explained that, after extracting only the red letters of Christ and His teachings, Jefferson created ‘The Life & Morals of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.’ He did this at his own expense with the intent of using the book as a Missionary tool to teach the Indians.

"The original founders of the American Bible Society were not ministers," said Alma. "They were military officers, political leaders, Supreme Court Justices, Presidents, U.S. Senators, U.S. Attorney Generals and many Governors – many of whom had already founded State Bible Societies. These men personally supported and financed the printing and distribution of Bibles."

In strengthening her defense that the country’s founding fathers were Christians, Alma noted, "President John Quincy Adams wrote a small book for 10-year-olds, explaining how to read through the Bible in a year. President James A. Garfield held a revival and baptized many people. Christian historian David Barton went before the Supreme Court to argue the right to pray publicity before graduations. Barton showed evidence that not only did our founding fathers believe in public prayer, there is evidence they prayed publicity at many graduations. The Supreme Court Justice, who heard the argument and saw the documents, replied ‘They, our founding fathers were hypocrites because they knew it was wrong and did it anyway, or they didn’t understand the Constitution.’

In concluding, Alma emphasized the need for America to "…turn back to God before time runs out for our great Nation. God’s people need to stand up and be heard before it is too late."

After the assembly circled around the massive flag pole, a series of individual prayers were offered. Sylvia Herren concluded the event with a heart-moving rendition of ‘America the Beautiful."