The Carl Short Fitness Center’s indoor exercise pool in Pawhuska is one of the best deals in this area. Those of us who go there regularly truly appreciate the opportunity it affords to increase strength, balance and a range of motion. Regular water exercise has decreased my joint pain and increased my muscles strength. I can go about my activities of daily living a little less clumsily and with a little more agilely as a result of using the pool.

Water aerobics has also had a positive effect on my mood and feelings of general wellbeing. I’m not sure if the positive attitude comes directly from water/exercise per se, or is secondary to improved fitness.

Water exercise can be a blessing for those with chronic debilitating conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and the crippling effects of accidents.

Stiffness, poor balance, aches and pains, limited range of motion associated with normal ageing can be slowed, ceased and sometimes reversed simply by keeping the body in motion. Joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments which remain sedentary and unmoved soon become unmovable. Old joints, like old door hinges, need to be opened and closed and lubricated from time to time or they tend to rust and freeze "in-place."

With winter coming on, the trek to the dressing room and back can become daunting for folks who hurt when they walk and ache when wet and cold. The dressing rooms are across the lobby and down the hall from the pool. The connecting corridor is cinder block and glass, facilitating heat going out and cold coming in. A dressing room adjacent to the pool would alleviate this uncomfortable walk for those coming in and out of the pool.

The pool is open to everyone in the surrounding area for a minimum fee; this of course includes citizens of Osage County and Osage Nation. Would it not be wonderful for the city, county and nation to come together and work toward a common-good? A dressing room built adjacent to the pool would contribute greatly to the efforts of citizens striving to stave off infirmity and promote health.

Rosemary Wood