To: The Honorable Mark Buchanan

and Chief Scott Laird

On the evening of November 28th, my young son and I were passing through Pawhuska when our car broke down on Main Street. While fishing for my AAA card, Officer Wilmont came upon us. He practiced good safety measures by positioning his patrol car to protect us. When we had decided to move the car to a parking lot, he assisted with pushing the car. This alleviated any danger to or from passing motorists. While AAA was in route, he would stop by from time to time to check on our safety and status.

I understand that Officer Wilmont is new to your force. I would like to offer my personal thanks and a job well done to Officer Wilmont. It is refreshing to see a young officer with such a great public service mentality and such a great attitude. He is an asset to your good city and to your police force.

Thank you,

Jerry Proffitt

Aberdeen HOA President

Wichita KS