Make that 92 years — and still counting.

Monger Bros. Auto Supply had been scheduled to close for good at the close of business on Monday, Feb. 29. But, due to unexpected business considerations, the longtime local store is still operating at 301 W. Main.

"We’ll remain until at least the end of March," owner Nancy Woodyard said.

According to Woodyard, a couple of late buyout options have been proposed for Monger Bros., which has been selling motor vehicle parts at its location for more than eight decades. A few years before that, a livery stable had been at the site.

Woodyard’s decision to close came as a result of an economic downturn which has severely reduced work in area oil fields.

"All of those oilfield-related trucks we used to keep running, well, they’re not running any more," she said earlier this year when the closing plans were announced.

Woodyard purchased the NAPA-affiliated business in September 2003 from O’Dell and Eileen Monger. O’Dell’s father, Floyd Monger, a former Pawhuska mayor, had co-founded the store in 1925.