Filing for Osage Nation Congressional elections is scheduled March 15-31.

Six seats in the ON Congress will be decided in a June 6 tribal election. Voters also may be asked to consider amendment(s) to the Osage Constitution.

So far, only one candidate — Myron Red Eagle — has officially declared.

Candidates in the Osage Congressional election must be enrolled members of the tribe who are at least 25 years old on election day. They may not have a felony conviction, according to the election code. Those who run for Congress must also pay a $300 filing fee to the Election Office with a cashier’s check or money order, according to the rules.

The election code also says Congress members "shall not hold any other office or position of profit under the Nation during the term for which the member is elected or appointed. No members of the (Congress) shall hold any other tribal office under another Indian nation during his or her term of office."

For more information on the tribe’s revised election code and rules, contact the ON Election Board, 901 Grandview Ave., or visit the website: