Osage County has its first confirmed case of COVID-19.

In its daily coronavirus situation report for Wednesday, March 25, the Oklahoma State Department of Health listed Osage County among those with confirmed cases of the illness caused by the novel coronavirus.

A total of 33 Oklahoma counties have been confirmed with at least one positive test for the virus.

A spokesman for the state health department told the Journal-Capital that the agency does not release age or gender information on positive test results by county; age and gender data are released only as elements of statewide numbers.

OSDH did, however, say in its March 25 report that two newly reported COVID-19 deaths included a man in his 70s and a man in his 40s, both from Oklahoma County.

The March 25 situation report reflects 164 positive COVID-19 tests statewide, to date, and a total of five deaths.

OSDH said the state on March 25 was in the initial phase of the rollout of satellite testing centers, with limited testing supplies in Kay County and 100 test kits in Pittsburg County.