The Pawhuska community recently held its 31st annual Honors Banquet. The Honors Banquet recognizes the academic achievements of the top 10% of Pawhuska High School. The top 10% are selected to attend, based on the spring semester of the previous school year and the fall semester of the current school year. Students may not have a C in any class. Once the averages are compiled, the top 10% are invited to the Honors Banquet.

Graduating seniors received a $100 Scholarship per year they participated in Honors Banquets (up to $400 if the student was an honoree all four years). The seniors also received a $500 scholarship from the Pawhuska Educational Trust, and a $200 scholarship from the Pawhuska Public School Foundation.

The banquet, held at the Pawhuska Elks Club, began with the PHS band playing the school song, “Loyalty.” The honorees made a procession into the banquet hall during this time. Tatyana Curry, a senior honoree, led the Pledge of Allegiance. Senior honoree Sarah McNeil sang the “Star Spangled Banner,” and Shelby Bute, also a senior honoree, led the opening prayer.

Pawhuska Elks Lodge catered the meal, with Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA) providing desserts. The PHS band played during the meal service.

The 8th grade honor students served the Honors Banquet honorees and guests.

Pawhuska Mayor Roger Taylor read aloud a proclamation from the city.

Ron Reed, master of ceremonies, introduced the speaker, Geoffrey Hager, CEO of Big Elk Energy.

PHS faculty member Sharon Holloway presented a slide show of the honorees depicting their childhoods and hobbies.

Lauri Lee, the high school principal, called the honorees to the stage individually. They were congratulated by Sarah Smith, the high school Counselor; Geoffrey Hager, guest speaker; Roger Taylor, mayor; and Diana Gaffney, of the Kiwanis Club.

Superintendent David Cash and Assistant Superintendent Beverly Moore presented medals to each honoree.

The evening ended with the PHS band playing.

Honorees included 10 seniors - Kaitlyn Adkins, Shelby Bute, Tatyana Curry, Easton Kirk, Sarah McNeil, Andrez Ramirez, Hunter Reed, Alyssa Reynolds, Evan Stamper and Lauren Willson; 2 juniors - Jozelyn Brace and Amadeaus Reeves; 6 sophomores - Ty Chinn, Dalton Hurd, Linaye Jeffers, Leah McNeil, Jordan Nelson and Madison Quinton; and 4 freshmen, Payge Butcher, Zowie Miles, Gianna Sieke and Alexus Wilson.