Judge Jared Sigler last Thursday granted a month-long continuance, or delay, in an Osage County protective order case involving District 2 Commissioner Kevin Paslay and former commissioner Scott Hilton. Hilton has filed paperwork, seeking a protective order against Paslay.

The case was set for a final hearing this Monday, March 2, but legal counsel for Paslay filed a motion last Thursday for a continuance. A lawyer for Paslay told the court his client would be out of town Monday at a conference and would not be available for a court hearing that day.

Sigler granted a delay in the final hearing date for Hilton’s protective order request from March 2 to April 2, which will be a Thursday. In the meantime, Sigler has also kept in place a temporary protective order that had already been entered in the case.

Hilton, who was District 2 commissioner for Osage County until Paslay defeated him nearly four years ago, has filed documentation with the court, alleging that Paslay has stalked and harassed him. Hilton’s documentation specifies dates when Paslay allegedly communicated with him in a way that he found problematic, or engaged in behavior that he found threatening.

Paslay told the Journal-Capital that he was unsure of Hilton’s motives for seeking a protective order, but Paslay did indicate he thought Hilton was trying to return to a position of influence. Paslay said Hilton is a supporter of Tom Teel, a former District 2 employee who has indicated a desire to run against Paslay this year for District 2 commissioner.

Paslay is represented by Riggs, Abney, Neal, Turpen, Orbison & Lewis, a Tulsa law firm.

Judge Sigler is from Washington County. He was assigned to take over the protective order case after Judge Cindy Pickerill recused herself. Sigler’s month-long continuance, combined with the extension of the temporary protective order that was in place, effectively imposes a cooling-off period between Paslay and Hilton.

Paslay was represented at the county board meeting Monday by Greg Rodecap, his deputy commissioner. Hilton and Teel did not attend, either.