BARNSDALL — Steve Overacker is a Barnsdall guy, but for years he drove out of town to work. Now, thanks to a business purchase last year, he knows the simple yet elusive pleasure of being able to walk to work.

Overacker, 56, operates Kelley Insurance in downtown Barnsdall. Kelley insurance was the family business of his wife, Karen, and the purchase in June 2019 returned it to the family. Karen’s parents, Bob and Linda Kelley, had the business for about 30 years and her grandmother, Wauneta Wells, is also a previous owner.

“We’ve had a good response to that,” Karen Overacker said. “People loved my mom and dad.”

Karen said her husband is now getting to know people in town in a way that wasn’t possible when he was driving to work in Tulsa. He acknowledged that he essentially slept in Barnsdall during those years.

“We see a lot of people,” Karen said. She is branch manager at American Heritage Bank, just down the street. “We both grew up here and went to school here and our home is here. It’s a real blessing to be a part of people’s lives.”

She mentioned that Steve has been writing insurance business for people from a pretty wide slice of the Osage County and Washington County area — Pawhuska, Wynona, Bartlesville, and more locations.

“Bartlesville is really coming into a good market for me,” Steve said. “The biggest thing is just being hometown; just knowing how to take care of the people that are here.”

Steve learned that customer emphasis from his own father, who had rental property and cautioned his son to be slow to judge renters. Steve recalls his dad remarking, “Ah, son, we’ve not stood in their shoes.”

Steve Overacker is joined in the business at Kelley Insurance by a daughter, Emily, and he credits her with keeping him organized. Kelley Insurance offers numerous products, though it does not yet offer life insurance and it does not offer health insurance. He described himself and his family as people of strong faith who believe in treating others the way you want them to treat you.

He is also a man who loves and plays music, and a conversation last Friday afternoon with an insurance customer who is a guitar player turned quickly in the direction of things musical. Somewhere in the midst of a neighborly, extended conversation about guitars, some insurance business got done, too. Kelley Insurance is that sort of place — you can visit, and you might find out Steve’s got the insurance you need, as well.