Feb. 9, 1965 (Vietnam War) — The United States sends its first combat troops to South Korea on their way to Vietnam.

Feb. 10, 1962 (Cold War) — Captured U.S. spy pilot Gary Powers is exchanged for Soviet Col. Rudolf Abel.

Feb. 10, 1945 (World War II) — 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division.

Feb. 11, 1945 (World War II) — The Yalta Conference concludes, with decisions having been made about the fate of postwar Europe.

Feb. 11, 1945 (World War II) — 17th Airborne Division moved to Chalon-Sur-Marne, France, for Operation Varsity, which involved the capture of Rhine River bridges.

Feb. 12, 1973 (Vietnam War) — Operation Homecoming begins, marking the release of U.S. prisoners captured during the war.

Feb. 13, 1945 (World War II) — Allied forces firebomb Dresden, Germany.

Feb. 14, 1943 (World War II) — Inexperienced U.S. troops suffer an early defeat in North Africa at the Battle of Kasserine Pass, Tunisia.

Feb. 15, 1919 — A group of World War I veterans forms The American Legion in Paris.

**Wartime romances in Europe: “As I was coming up one side of a hill, she was coming down the other side, when her sister, Carrie, said, “Oh, there’s a soldier coming.” Jo’s heart almost jumped out of her mouth, for she had planned to meet me dressed in such a pretty dress, and instead she had on a pair of coveralls and overshoes, with an old sun hat. As if her clothes mattered to me.” — U.S. Army soldier Vincent Reed, on coming home from World War I to his sweetheart, Jo Glasscock.

(This item placed by American Legion Post 198, Pawhuska)