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Reportedly yelling and cussing after the officer placed him on the ground

NAME: Daniel James Owens

AGE: 34

RESIDENCE: Barnsdall

CHARGES: Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol; driving with license suspended; obstructing an officer; and resisting an officer

DETAILS: Osage Nation police officer Kyle Wilson, about 8:10 p.m. Dec. 28 watched as a dark blue, two-door car turned out of the casino parking lot at Skiatook, reportedly spun its wheels onto State Highway 20 and headed east. Wilson pursued the car, which turned north on Javine Hill Road. There was a small SUV between Wilson’s patrol vehicle and the dark blue car he was pursuing. The dark blue car reportedly swerved into the southbound lane of Javine Hill Road and made a wide right turn onto 168th Street North without using a blinker. The small SUV behind the blue car reportedly had to take evasive action to avoid hitting it. Officer Wilson initiated a traffic stop of the dark blue car, which reportedly came to a stop in the middle of 168th Street North. Wilson asked the driver of the blue car, later identified as Daniel James Owens, about his driving, and Owens reportedly said he had not committed any traffic violations. Officer Wilson reportedly observed Owens’ eyes were watery and bloodshot and there was an odor of consumed alcohol coming from the blue car. Officer Wilson asked Owens for his driver’s license and the suspect reportedly said he didn’t have one. Officer Wilson asked Owens to get out of his car and the suspect reportedly said, “Why?” Officer Wilson recorded in a case affidavit that he told Owens he smelled the odor of consumed alcohol coming from the vehicle and also needed to talk to him about his driver’s license. Owens reportedly started reaching around in the blue car. The officer instructed him to stop that and exit the car. Owens reportedly took his foot off the brake and his car started rolling backward. The officer instructed him to turn off the engine and get out. Owens reportedly got out of his car and started yelling at the driver of a Ford pickup that had stopped in front of him to record what was happening. Officer Wilson began to give Owens instructions and the suspect reportedly began to become upset. Officer Wilson used his radio to call for backup. Despite what Wilson described as passive resistance, he was able to place Owens in handcuffs. The driver of the Ford pickup reportedly began yelling at the officer, and Officer Wilson told that motorist to stay in his vehicle. The officer walked Owens to the side of the road and instructed him to sit down. Owens reportedly said, “No.” The officer instructed him a second time to sit down, and Owens reportedly yelled, “No, I’m not.” The officer eventually placed Owens on the ground, and the suspect reportedly began “yelling and cussing” and attempted to get up. The officer instructed Owens to stay on the ground and stop moving around, and Owens reportedly “continued yelling and cussing while attempting to get up.” Owens reportedly continued to resist, and tried to kick the officer. Officer Wilson recorded in his case affidavit that he used a single “compliance strike” to Owens’ face, after which Owens reportedly began to comply with instructions and stayed on the ground. Osage County deputy sheriff Johnny Porter and Martin Meek, chief of the Avant police, arrived at the scene of the traffic stop and assisted Officer Wilson with Owens and the driver of the Ford pickup. The driver of the pickup was released shortly thereafter. Officer Wilson attempted to administer field sobriety testing to Owens, but the suspect reportedly refused to take portions of the test. A preliminary breath test was administered, and the result was reportedly a reading of .095. Owens reportedly refused a subsequent test that was offered. Officer Wilson noted that he was informed there were three Osage County warrants out for Owens, and that the suspect had a 2014 conviction in Osage County for DUI. In a hearing Dec. 30 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Owens.

Baby found in the black Chevy

NAME: Yasmin Maria Saurer

AGE: 33

RESIDENCE: Boca Raton, Florida

CHARGES: First-degree burglary; assault and battery; and public intoxication and disturbing the peace

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy Corby Sorrells, about 11:29 p.m. Dec. 29, responded to a call regarding an intruder inside a residence on New Prue Road in the Sand Springs area. The reporting party identified the intruder by name as Yasmin Maria Saurer and said that Saurer was her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. The reporting party told a dispatcher that Saurer was “actively attacking” her ex-boyfriend. Deputy Sorrells arrived at the call location and reportedly observed a black Chevrolet with a California license plate parked outside a gated residence. Deputy Sorrells reportedly entered the house and observed “three individuals wrestling around in the living room area.” Sorrells reportedly saw a woman in black clothing, a naked man and a woman in a white robe wrestling on the floor. The deputy escorted the woman in black clothing outside and was able to identify her as Yasmin Maria Saurer. Sorrells placed Suarer in hand restraints, told her that she was being detained, and placed her in the back of his patrol vehicle. Sorrells reportedly observed that Suarer had bloodshot, watery eyes and slow, slurred speech. Sorrells reportedly smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from Saurer’s breath. As Deputy Sorrells was walking near the black Chevy, he reportedly saw an infant in a car seat inside the vehicle. Sorrells obtained a key to the Chevy from Saurer, unlocked the vehicle and observed the infant was cold. He asked a dispatcher what the outside air temperature was at the time, and the dispatcher said 40 degrees. Sorrells asked the dispatcher to contact the on-call Department of Human Services worker and have that person call his cell phone. Another deputy arrived and Sorrells asked him to stay with the infant. Sorrells went into the house to speak with the reporting party and her boyfriend. The male subject reportedly gave a statement, in which he said that he and his girlfriend were taking a shower, and he exited the shower and saw someone standing near the bathroom. That person reportedly turned out to be Saurer. The reporting party then exited the shower to see what was going on. The male subject related the sequence of events from that point until the deputy arrived and found the three of them wrestling on the floor. The male subject reportedly told Deputy Sorrells that Saurer was his “baby mama,” and they have a three-month-old child together. The man reportedly said that he and his current girlfriend had been living at the residence in the Sand Springs area for about a week to get away from Saurer, who reportedly would stalk them and send threatening messages. In a Dec. 30 hearing in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Saurer.

Said the place in Ponca City messed up his license

NAME: Shane Justin Anson

AGE: 30


CHARGES: Possession of a false identification card; and driving with a suspended license

DETAILS: Hominy police officer Darian Prochaska was on patrol Dec. 29, driving north on Highway 99, when she found herself behind a gray Chevrolet without a license plate. Officer Prochaska stopped the Chevy and recognized the driver from a previous traffic stop as Shane Anson. She also noticed two other people in the car. Officer Prochaska gathered ID information for all three individuals, along with the identification number of the Chevy. The officer had a conversation with a dispatcher about warrants that were reportedly out for Anson. Officer Prochaska reportedly asked Anson if he knew that Kay County and the city of Skiatook had warrants out for him. Anson reportedly said he was aware of the warrants, and Officer Prochaska told him that he needed to get those warrants taken care of. She also asked Anson why he was driving the Chevy without a registered tag. Anson reportedly began to explain that he just recently bought the car. The officer asked Anson if he had the bill of sale and vehicle title. He handed her both documents and said another Hominy officer had stopped him earlier in the day and told him to get the bill of sale notarized and get a tag on the Chevy within five days. Officer Prochaska reportedly asked Anson if he understood the information he had received about getting the bill of sale notarized and getting a tag, and Anson reportedly said he understood. Officer Prochaska then asked if there was anything illegal in the car, such as illegal drugs, and Anson reportedly said there was nothing illegal in the car. He reportedly gave Prochaska permission to search the Chevy. During the search, Officer Prochaska reportedly found a wallet with a Missouri Identification Card in it that bore the name “Shane Justin Anson.” She recalled that his Oklahoma Driver’s License had the name “Shane Austin Anson” on it. The officer asked Anson about the discrepancy and he reportedly said that “the place in Ponca City messed up” on his Oklahoma Driver’s License. Officer Prochaska asked Anson why he had not tried to get the Oklahoma license corrected, and he reportedly said he was waiting on his birth certificate to arrive in the mail. Officer Prochaska also asked Anson why he had not informed her up-front of the problem. The officer placed Anson under arrest for driving while under suspension, and for illegal acts relating to ID cards. In a hearing Dec. 30 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Anson.

‘I don’t know what I was thinking’

NAME: Oretha Gwen Henley

AGE: 36

RESIDENCE: Newalla, Okla.

CHARGES: Trafficking in illegal drugs; bringing contraband into a penal institution; and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

DETAILS: Hominy police officer Joseph Antle was notified about 1:51 p.m. Dec. 24 that an officer was needed at the Dick Conner Correctional Center, a state prison in Hominy. When Officer Antle arrived at the prison, he met with a security officer and learned that a visitor to the facility, Oretha Gwen Henley, had been detained. Henley had reportedly been observed hugging a prisoner and placing one of her hands “in or around” the inmate’s waistband. When the inmate was searched, a large zip-lock bag containing a white crystalline substance was reportedly discovered in the front of his waistband. When Officer Antle was escorting Henley to his patrol car after receiving reports and evidence from the prison staff, she reportedly said, “I don’t know what I was thinking, I really messed up this time.” Henley reportedly asked to make a phone call to a niece that she had dropped off at the Walmart store in Cleveland. Henley voiced a concern about keeping the vehicle she had been driving from being towed. Officer Antle reportedly asked Henley if she had anything else on her person that would be considered illegal. “Not on me,” Henley reportedly said. “I have a little marijuana in the car; that’s all I do is smoke weed.” Officer Antle noted in his case affidavit that the overall weight of the suspected methamphetamine in the zip-lock bag came to more than 100 grams. He also noted that Henley did not have a valid driver’s license from any state. In the vehicle, authorities reportedly found marijuana, a marijuana smoking device and a small amount of additional methamphetamine. At the Hominy jail, Henley reportedly said, “I think it’s pretty obvious what happened,” but she declined to talk further. In a hearing Jan. 2 in Osage County District Court, Henley pleaded not guilty and the court set her bail at $100,000. The court also set a case status conference for Jan. 9.