BARNSDALL — Jacob Darnell is a hardworking fellow, who tries to make the most of his time. He works a job at the local chemical plant, Baker-Hughes, but he and his wife, Nichole, also have a tire sales and auto repair business.

“I’m here when I’m not there,” Jacob Darnell said, reflecting on the division of his time between J&N Tires and More, and the chemical plant. The shop name, J&N, stands for Jacob and Nichole.

If you want to consult Jacob Darnell about an auto repair need, or about tires, you can call him or text him at 918-214-7292, or call or text Nichole at 918-214-5442. He clarifies that he’s not picky about the time of day you get in touch.

“It’s not going to bother me. I don’t care what time it is,” Jacob Darnell said. “I get to people as quick as I can.”

He was initally concerned about trying to operate J&N in addition to working his plant job, but says he has found that customers have tolerated his schedule.

“So far, they’ve been pretty tolerant,” he said. “I was worried about that.”

J&N is located along Highway 11, just east of Hatfield’s Grill, and the Darnells have had the business for just over a year — dating back to October 2018. The shop sells tires, but Jacob also does general auto maintenance — water pumps, alternators, air-conditioning systems. He is also very familiar with the Ford 6-liter and 7.3-liter engines.

Jacob Darnell explained that he’s very matter-of-fact about telling potential customers honestly what he can do for them, and what he can’t.

“I’m not going to waste someone’s money,” he says. “I’ve been there, so I know. I’m not here to get rich off anyone.”

Jacob Darnell is on duty at the chemical plant seven days a month and seven nights a month. As already indicated, he works at the auto shop when he’s not working at the plant.

Jacob has lived in Barnsdall since fifth grade and considers it his hometown. He graduated in 2010 from Barnsdall High School and is a volunteer fireman with the Pershing Volunteer Fire Department.

“It’s doing well,” Darnell says of J&N. Most of his tire customers are ranchers, ranch hands and oil-field workers, he said. He also helps fire departments with tire needs.

In the general automotive category, Jacob Darnell does oil changes. Typically, this is by appointment because there is no parts store in Barnsdall and he has to arrange for materials to be delivered. He mentioned that O’Reilly’s in Pawhuska will deliver. Darnell charges $15 plus the cost of the oil and the filter. He also patches tires, charging $15 each.

In regard to tires for personal vehicles, Darnell said he doesn’t keep a lot of such tires on-hand, but he can get them on a next-day basis.

“If I order on Monday, I get it on Tuesday morning,” Darnell said. He can get most of the well-known brands and can usually get what a customer prefers.

J&N has a Facebook page, and Darnell credits his wife with being good about putting schedule information on the page. Though he’s only been in business for himself a little over a year, Jacob said he’s had some people assume that since he owns a business, he must be wealthy. “That is not a true statement,” he says with a laugh.