EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with felonies and misdemeanors are innocent until they plead guilty or are proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital should call Robert Smith at: 918-287-7366.


Fired a rifle at them?

NAME: Dijion Mastin

AGE: 26


CHARGES: First-degree burglary; assault, battery, or assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; and possession of a firearm after a former felony conviction

DETAILS: On Sept. 7, Tulsa police officers were radio dispatched to 538 West Newton Street in regard to a call regarding shots fired. Police talked with a woman who said she had heard stomping and loud noises coming from the apartment next door and had knocked on the wall in an attempt to get her neighbors to stop making noise. The woman said she heard footsteps coming down stairs and someone cursing loudly. Someone started kicking her door and eventually kicked it in, the woman told officers. She said that when the door gave way, she observed Dijion Mastin standing in the doorway and he was attempting to get inside. The woman said she believed Mastin was deterred from coming in because her boyfriend came to the door. The woman’s boyfriend reportedly argued with Mastin in front of her apartment and Mastin reportedly excused himself briefly from the argument, went to his apartment and returned with a rifle. Mastin reportedly fired the rifle in the general direction of the reporting party and her boyfriend. After firing the rifle, Mastin reportedly got into his vehicle with the firearm and drove away. On Sept. 9, Tulsa police were called back to the same area about Mastin and arrested him. A Tulsa Police Department report on the case says Mastin is a “certified Hoover Crip gang member” and it lists prior felony convictions of the defendant, including one for manslaughter. A warrant for Mastin’s arrest was issued Nov. 25 in Osage County District Court.

Child sexual assault case

NAME: Bruce Lee Taylor

AGE: 34


CHARGES: Sexual abuse — child under 12 years (two counts)

DETAILS: Pawhuska Police Sgt. Margina Solomon on Nov. 15 received notification from Chief Nick Silva about a possible child sexual abuse case. Officer Lorrie Hennesy, who is a school resource officer, had already been called by a kindergarten teacher who was concerned about a pupil, a six-year-old girl. Sgt. Solomon subsequently interviewed the child’s stepfather, Bruce Lee Taylor. Solomon noted in a case affidvavit that Taylor did not admit to any wrongdoing in that initial interview. In a forensic interview of two young children, however, evidence was provided that led to Taylor’s arrest for sex offenses. In a Nov. 26 hearing in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Taylor. A bail amount of $1 million that had been set for Lee was maintained. A case status conference was scheduled for Dec. 5.


Impala observed crossing center line

NAME: Isaac Christopher Middendorf

AGE: 20


CHARGES: Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol; and unsafe lane use

DETAILS: Just before 3 a.m. on Nov. 2, Osage County Deputy Johnny Porter was driving north on 52nd West Avenue when he observed a gray Chevrolet Impala that went left of the center line of the road three times. When the Impala turned east on 133rd, it left the road and traveled along the grass for about 20 feet, Porter noted. The deputy activated his emergency lights and made a traffic stop. Deputy Porter was abler to identify the driver of the Impala as Isaac Middendorf, and Porter reportedly observed that Middendorf had a “strong and distinct” odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath, that he had red, watery eyes and slurred speech. Deputy Porter reportedly saw a small amount of what looked like marijuana on Middendorf’s lap and asked him when he last smoked marijuana. Middendorf reportedly said it was before Porter stopped him. When asked how much alcoholic beverage he had consumed, Middendorf reportedly said “a few beers.” Deputy Porter administered field sobriety testing and then arrested Middendorf on suspicion of driving while under the influence. Middendorf reportedly refused the state’s blood test. Middendorf’s next court date in Osage County District Court is listed as Jan. 3, 2020.

Swinging her arms around

NAME: Cheryl Ann Clemmer

AGE: 57


CHARGES: Assault; and public intoxication and disturbing the peace

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy Anthony Barrett on Nov. 1 at about 2:47 p.m. was dispatched to 17054 Richardson Road, in the Skiatook area, based on a report of an intoxicated person causing a domestic assault and battery. Deputy Barrett said in a case affidavit that he was met in the front yard by Cheryl Clemmer, who was reportedly the aggressor in the domestic conflict. “While I was getting out of my patrol car, I could hear Cheryl yelling loud,” Barrett noted, adding that she was swiming her arms around. Barrett asked Clemmer if she lived at the call location and she reportedly said, “no.” Barrett then asked Clemmer what was going on and she reportedly said everyone was trying to fight with her. Barrett noted that Clemmer had an odor associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages coming from her breath and person. He also noticed she was unsteady on her feet, had slurred speech and bloodshot, watery eyes. In a hearing Nov. 4 in Osage County District Court, the court set Clemmer’s bail at $3,000 and her return date for Jan. 3, 2020, at 9 a.m.

Suspect said he was ‘fine to drive’

NAME: Conner Eugene Lowe

AGE: 26

RESIDENCE: Broken Arrow

CHARGES: Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs; and attempting to elude a police officer

DETAILS: Osage Nation Officer Kyle Wilson on Oct. 30 about 8:35 p.m. was on patrol when he noticed a vehicle failing to stay in its lane. Officer Wilson was northbound on 52nd West Avenue. There was an SUV in front of Wilson, and the suspect vehicle was in front of the SUV. Officer Wilson observed that the driver of the suspect vehicle was using traffic signals at random times and then turning them off. Officer Wilson passed the SUV in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle in the vicinity of 52nd West Avenue and 88th Street North, but the suspect vehicle did not stop or slow its speed. The suspect vehicle reportedly continued north on 52nd West Avenue, with Officer Wilson’s patrol car following behind. The patrol car’s emergency lights and siren were in use. The suspect vehicle stopped at the intersection of 52nd West Avenue and 103rd Street North. Officer Wilson got out of his patrol car and instructed the driver of the suspect vehicle to put his hands out the window. As Wilson approached the suspect vehicle, the driver reportedly pulled his hands back inside. Officer Wilson drew his service weapon and gave commands for the driver to show his hands. Wilson said in a case affidavit that the driver would comply and then drop his hands back down. Officer Wilson continued giving commands and a Sperry Police Department unit arrived to provide assistance. The driver of the suspect vehicle, identified as Conner Eugene Lowe, had extremely slurred speech, was unsteady on his feet and had an odor coming from his person of burnt marijuana, Officer Wilson noted. Wilson asked Lowe if he had used drugs, and Lowe reportedly said he had smoked marijuana about 45 minutes before the traffic stop but was “fine to drive.” Officer Wilson searched Lowe’s vehicle and reportedly found what was left of a marijuana cigarette and a small amount of marijuana in a container and a digital scale in his pocket. In a hearing Nov. 4 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Lowe and set his return date for Feb. 7, 2020.

License plate was out of date

NAME: Roy Leon Johnson III

AGE: 49


CHARGES: Driving while the privilege is revoked; and failure to pay all taxes due the state

DETAILS: Pawhuska Officer Thomas Florence was driving north on Highway 99 when he noticed a red Pontiac Sunfire with an expired license plate. He activated his emergency equipment and conducted a traffic stop. The driver of the Sunfire, identified as Roy Leon Johnson III, reportedly told Officer Florence that he did not have a valid driver’s license. A dispatcher confirmed to Officer Florence that Johnson’s license had been revoked since 2016. Johnson reportedly said he was driving his passenger’s vehicle because she had experienced a seizure earlier. Dispatch reportedly said Johnson had several prior citations for driving without a valid license. In a hearing Oct. 31 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Johnson and set his return date for Jan. 3, 2020.

The deputy had warned him before

NAME: Kenneth Neil McGuire

AGE: 38


CHARGES: Violation of the Oklahoma Clean Air Act; and petit larceny

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy David McAlister on Aug. 1 received a message to the effect that Kenneth McGuire had been burning trash and demolition debris. “This deputy is familiar with Kenneth McGuire and had warned Mr. McGuire by phone and by letter that burning anything other than brush and leaves was in violation of the Oklahoma Clean Air Act,” Deputy McAlister said in a case affidavit. Deputy McAlister also received surveillance images that reportedly showed McGuire hooking up a hose to a neighbor’s house to steal water. A witness to the burning reportedly told the deputy that he checked on the fire and McGuire told him that he was burning old furniture and carpet from a camper that was being cleaned out. A warrant for McGuire’s arrest was issued Oct. 30, 2019, in Osage County District Court.

He wasn’t there when the deputy arrived

NAME: Mitchell Arlan Homberger

AGE: 32

RESIDENCE: Broken Arrow

CHARGES: Obtaining cash and merchandise by bogus check; and dumping trash on public/private property

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy David McAlister on Oct. 5 was informed by county dispatch of trash being dumped on the road, blocking the driveway 4595 N. 25th Avenue West. Deputy McAlister located the trash and photographed it. Then he looked in the trash for anything that might identify its origin. He found a phone bill and called the phone number on it, and talked with a woman who said she had paid Mitchell Homberger to dispose of trash. The deputy took the woman to the dump site, where she identified the trash on the road as the same trash she had paid Homberger to haul to a dump. The deputy called Mr. Hombeger and told him to go get the trash and take it to the landfill. Homberger reportedly said he was mowing a yard but would pick up the trash as soon as he was through. Deputy McAlister reportedly told Homberger that he needed to meet with him for contact information, and Homberger said he was at the corner of North Lewis and 126th. When Deputy McAlister arrived, Homberger was reportedly nowhere to be seen. The deputy reached the conclusion that Homberger intended to defraud his customer by taking her money to dump her trash and then leaving the trash along the public roadway. In a hearing Nov. 22, Homberger entered a not guilty plea.

Deputy found the wrong tag on vehicle

NAME: Treyton Daniel Ray Cambell

AGE: 30


CHARGES: Failure to pay all taxes due the state; and driving with a license that is suspended/canceled/or revoked

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy Martin Meek on Oct. 1 conducted a traffic stop on a Dodge Durango in the Skiatook area for an improper tag display violation. Meek said in a case affidavit that the tag that was on the vehicle belonged on a Chevrolet truck. Deputy Meek talked with the driver of the Durango, identified as Treyton Daniel Ray Cambell, and learned his operator’s license was suspended. Meek also reportedly learned that the proper tag for the Durango was expired. An arrest warrant for Cambell was issued Oct. 30 in Osage County District Court.