With the excess of rain through the spring and summer months, we have definitely seen an increase in populations of certain weeds. If we continue to see wet conditions for our area, we will more than likely continue to see an increase of these plants.

Various Sedges and Rush Grass are considered weeds because just like any undesirable forage, they reduce the productivity of the fields. In terms of forage quality they have very little. Livestock, including cattle, will avoid these plants due to low palatability.

The biological features of these water-loving plants tend to make them difficult to control. Mowing has no lasting effect on them but will help slow growth. There are chemicals like Panoramic, Plateau, and Outrider that are labeled for Nutsedge/Rush control, but these tend to be on the expensive side.

Oklahoma States NE Area Agronomist, Brian Pugh, mentioned that they “should regress under normal growing conditions.” If you have any questions concerning these plants, please call Branden Hanke at 918-287-4170.