EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with misdemeanors or felonies are innocent until they plead guilty or are proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital should call Robert Smith at: 918-287-7366.


Hand in the pants?

NAME: Byron Scott Bennett

AGE: 46


CHARGE: Child sexual abuse

DETAILS: Detective Sergeant Jerry Bullard of the Skiatook police investigated an incident reported to have taken place Jan. 5, at a residence in Skiatook. An eight-year-old boy reportedly told his parents that Byron Scott Bennett put his hand in the boy’s pants. Detective Sgt. Bullard’s arrest warrant affidavit says the incident reportedly occurred after a gathering at which Bennett and other adults had been drinking. Bennett reportedly asked the child to sleep with him and his wife in their bed. During the night, Bennett reportedly put his hand in the child’s pants and touched his genitals. The next day, Bennett reportedly asked the child if he had put his hand in his pants. The child reportedly said “yes” and Bennett reportedly apologized. When Detective Sgt. Bullard interviewed Bennett, the suspect reportedly said he accidentally put his hand in the child’s pants. In a hearing July 10 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Bennett. The defendant’s next court date is set for Aug. 9.

Cook suspected of embezzlement

NAME: Stephanie Louise McInturf

AGE: 49


CHARGE: Embezzlement

DETAILS: Marty Wilson, a special agent for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, conducted an investigation regarding incidents at Brandy’s Drive-In in Fairfax. Wilson’s investigation specifically concerned actions of Stephanie Louise McInturf, who worked as a cook at the diner for several months in 2014 before being fired. Agent Wilson reviewed surveillance video of the actions in question and noted that in one instance the suspect sat “so far away from the camera no detail could be observed” as she prepared a deposit for the business, and that in a second instance the suspect took all of the store money into an area where there were no surveillance cameras. Following the first episode, the store owner reportedly had implemented a policy to the effect that two employees were to be present when money was counted and the count was to take place in plain view of the surveillance camera system. After reviewing all materials pertinent to the investigation, Agent Wilson concluded that embezzlement had been committed in the amount of $906.48. An arrest warrant was issued June 28 in Osage County District Court for McInturf.

Ring reported stolen

NAME: Danielle Nicole Roush

AGE: 42


CHARGE: Grand larceny

DETAILS: Osage County deputy Kyle Reese on May 6 talked with a resident of West Oak Street, in rural Skiatook, about a larceny. The reporting party said she hired someone to clean her home, and that person reportedly brought Roush along to help. The cleaning reportedly took place on April 17. The reporting party on May 3 noticed some of her jewelry missing. Roush reportedly admitted to Deputy Reese that she took a ring to sell for money. The owner of the ring reportedly valued it at about $2,000. An arrest warrant was issued June 28 in Osage County District Court for Roush.

Sex offender accused of lying about address

NAME: David Lee Jensen

AGE: 26


CHARGE: Providing false/misleading registration information

DETAILS: Osage County deputy Kevin Young conducted an investigation regarding a registered sex offender reportedly not living at the address he had given authorities. Deputy Young explained in a case affidavit that he went to the address Jensen had provided and found no evidence of anyone living there. Young then talked with a person who had reported to the sheriff’s office where Jensen was actually living. The reporting party told the deputy that Jensen’s mother was picking up the mail at the address he had given authorities, since he was never there. The reporting party also told Deputy Young that Jensen had attempted on Facebook to make contact with a juvenile female. In a hearing July 10 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Jensen. A case status conference is set for July 25.

What common sense will tell you

NAME: Charles Dean Dipman

AGE: 48


CHARGES: Feloniously pointing a firearm (two counts)

DETAILS: Osage County deputy Don Laxson responded June 30 to a report of an incident along County Road 3571, near Pawhuska. The reporting party told Laxson that he had been driving on County Road 3571 when he heard Dipman yelling at him. The reporting party said he stopped the Jeep he had been driving and began talking with Dipman. The reporting party said he got out of the Jeep and walked to the front of the vehicle. Dipman reportedly raised a rifle at the man “several times” and threatened to kill him. Deputy Laxson also talked with a woman who had been riding in the Jeep with the reporting party. The woman reportedly said she saw Dipman come out of his house and point a rifle at her. She said Dipman then pointed the rifle at the man who was driving the Jeep. The woman said she used her cell phone to take several pictures. Deputy Laxson talked with Dipman, who reportedly said he got into an argument with the man who was driving the Jeep. Dipman also reportedly said “that he had been shot at by some of the local residents and everyone is out to get him.” Dipman reportedly admitted to pointing the rifle and added that “common sense will tell you that what I did with the rifle is wrong.” Deputy Laxson described the firearm Dipman was carrying as a “high powered, gas powered pellet gun.” Laxson said that neither of the occupants of the Jeep could tell it was a pellet rifle and the driver of the Jeep said he thought Dipman was going to kill him. In a hearing July 1 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Dipman. The next court date in the case is set for Aug. 9.

Claimed she stole some of his medical marijuana

NAME: Amanda Mauzette Blue

AGE: 32

RESIDENCE: Frontier Shores

CHARGE: Second-degree burglary

DETAILS: Osage County deputy Anthony Barrett responded to a report of a residential burglary June 28. A male reporting party told the deputy that his ex-girlfriend had forcibly entered his home. The suspect, Amanda Blue, reportedly told Deputy Barrett that she used tongs to pry a padlock off of the reporting party’s front door and enter the house. The deputy noted that he spied tongs on the dinner table. Blue reportedly said she had taken $3 in quarters for her and the reporting party’s children to get something to drink at a gas station and that she had taken some cigarette butts out of an ashtray on the coffee table. The reporting party complained that Blue had also taken some of his medical marijuana and his motorcycle keys. Blue reportedly told the deputy that she knows she committed a crime, but she and the reporting party still visit one another’s homes, hang out together, eat dinner at one another’s homes, watch Netflix together and even have intimate contact. She said the man just goes to his house every night to sleep. In a hearing July 1 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Blue. The next court date in the case is listed as Aug. 8.

Police K-9 bit her behind

NAME: Stephanie J. Parsons

AGE: 31


CHARGES: Endangering others while eluding/attempting to elude a police officer; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; possession of a stolen vehicle; and driving while the privilege is suspended

DETAILS: Osage County deputy Brett Barnett was on patrol June 28 in the McCord area of the county. He was westbound on State Highway 60 when he noticed a blue, two-door car with a broken tail light. Deputy Barnett activated his emergency lights in an attempt to stop the vehicle. The deputy noticed that the blue car made a left turn into the parking lot of the Osage Casino, but kept moving and started picking up speed, even though there were numerous pedestrians in the parking lot.

The deputy at this point activated his siren. The blue car subsequently made a right turn onto SH 60 and reportedly moved at about 80 miles per hour through an area that was posted at 45 mph and then 50 mph. The blue car then reportedly ran a roadblock maintained by Deputy Grant West and continued westward swerving from lane to lane in an attempt to keep Barnett and West from getting in front. The pursuit reportedly continued until the blue car entered an apartment complex parking lot, came to a barrier in the parking lot and backed up ramming Barnett’s patrol vehicle.

Barnett saw the driver of the blue car, later identified as Stephanie Parsons, get out and take off running. Deputy West and his K-9 partner “Narc” reportedly pursued Parsons into an apartment. “Narc” reportedly bit Parsons’ buttocks and then held her on the ground until Barnett handcuffed her.

Barnett reportedly learned that the blue car Parsons had been driving had been reported stolen. He also reportedly learned her driving privileges had been suspended. In a hearing July 2 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Parsons. Her next court date is listed as Aug. 9.

‘Narc’ on the case again

NAME: Samuel Aaron Mardis

AGE: 44

RESIDENCE: Springfield, Mo.

CHARGES: Unauthorized use of a vehicle; and obstructing an officer

NAME: Tyler Grefe

AGE: 20

RESIDENCE: Crocker, Mo.

CHARGES: Unauthorized use of a vehicle; and obstructing an officer

DETAILS: Osage County deputy Johnny Porter was on patrol about 1:52 a.m. June 29 when he noticed a black SUV traveling south on 20th West Avenue. The SUV appeared to be traveling very slowly in fromt of residences, Deputy Porter noticed. A short time later, Porter observed the SUV turn down what he knew to be a dead end street. The deputy parked and waited to see if the SUV would exit the dead end.

The deputy heard dogs barking in the area and soon saw the SUV come out of the neighborhood with its head and tail lights cut off. Deputy Porter activated his lights and siren to make a traffic stop and observed that the driver of the SUV cut on that vehicles lights and accelerated.

Deputy Porter said in a case affidavit that the pursuit reached the speed of 100 mph. Backup patrol vehicles joined Porter in trying to stop the black SUV. The driver of the SUV continued across open fields in an attempt to avoid law officers, reportedly running through three barbed-wire fences along the way. The SUV reportedly crashed into a pipe fence and came to a stop. Then, several occupants of the vehicle emerged and ran southbound through an open field. Officers established a perimeter and waited on the arrival of Deputy Grant West and his K-9 partner, “Narc.”

When West arrived, he turned Narc loose to track the suspects. Narc reportedly found two suspects in the field, about 150 yards south of where the black SUV had crashed. One of the two was a juvenile and the other was identified as Tyler Grefe.

The two were later treated for bite wounds they sustained from Narc, when they reportedly failed to obey multiple commands to show their hands. The juvenile reportedly said they were breaking into vehicles when they saw Porter’s patrol vehicle and got scared.

A records check on the black SUV showed it had been reported stolen out of Missouri. During a search of the SUV, Porter reportedly located a glass smoking pipe with white, powdery residue. A Sperry police officer reportedly later found another individual who had fled from the black SUV. This suspect was identified as Samuel Aaron Mardis.

Mardis reportedly told Porter during an interview that the group traveling in the SUV had gambled at a casino or casinos in Missouri before coming to Oklahoma to try to win more money. Mardis reportedly told Porter that he was on probation in Missouri. Porter told Mardis that the SUV was stolen and he would be charged in connection with that. Mardis reportedly then punched the wall of the interview room. Grefe and Mardis pleaded not guilty in initial hearings in Osage County District Court.