The persistence of an Osage County resident who went to check out a property alarm at a rural residence led the sheriff’s office to evidence of multiple property crimes and evidence of possible drug offenses, a sheriff’s office investigator said.

Osage County investigator Bill Gee said two men have been charged so far and the overall case remains under investigation. He indicated there could be additional charges filed as a result of the investigation, and there could be at least one additional suspect charged.

Gee said the sheriff’s office arrested and prosecutors had charged Travis Leon Anderson, 34, of Owasso, and John Samuel Glenn, 29, of Sand Springs. Osage County District Court records showed Monday that Anderson had been charged with conspiracy, and second-degree burglary. Glenn had been charged with conspiracy, second-degree burglary, falsely personating another to create liability, and possession of a firearm during a felony.

A woman, whose son asked her to check on a property alarm at a residence on County Road 1650, not far from the Osage community, reportedly came upon a white Chevrolet she had never seen before and confronted two men in the car about whether they had been to her house. The two men were later identified as Anderson and Glenn.

Anderson, who reportedly was driving the Chevy, is said to have offered to show the woman an ID, but sped away as she maneuvered her vehicle to be able to look at it.

An affidavit prepared by Deputy Robert Testerman says Anderson reportedly stopped the car and placed a handgun in the middle of the road. After that, as the woman continued to follow the Chevrolet, she reportedly observed as items of property — jewelry in particular — were being thrown out of the Chevrolet.

“They were trying to throw her off the trail,” Gee said. The woman had called the sheriff’s office during the pursuit and several officers responded, including a state trooper, Gee said.

Gee explained that Glenn apparently exited the Chevrolet and called someone else to come and get him. Through diligent police work, the officers captured Anderson in the Chevy, Glenn in another vehicle, and briefly took into custody for questioning the person who was driving that second vehicle.

Gee said the ongoing investigation had turned up evidence of multiple burglaries, and of property crimes in more than one jurisdiction. He said there had also been evidence recovered of possible drug crimes — bags containing significant amounts of what was believed to be methamphetamine.