As Hurricane Michael makes landfall along the Florida panhandle and on into Georgia and the Carolinas, AAA advises Oklahomans with plans to travel through the region to check before leaving, keep an eye on weather conditions and put safety first.  AAA urges travelers to check with their travel agents and travel providers for cancelation policies and itinerary changes. “Many Oklahomans flying for Fall Break and business have connections through the Atlanta airport that will likely be impacted,” said Leslie Gamble, AAA Oklahoma spokesperson.  Motorists could also notice a temporary spike in gas prices should Hurricane Michael disrupt oil production and refining in the Gulf of Mexico.

AAA Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Travel Considerations:

Safety. Travelers should heed all official evacuation advisories and orders. If you are flying, check with your airline on their change fee and rebooking policies. Check your flight status before leaving for the airport and consider signing up for text or mobile alerts from your airline for the latest flight information.

Contact your travel agent – they will have access to the latest travel updates/cancellations and can help you explore all of the options available to you.

Investigate cancellation/rebooking options NOW.  (Plan ahead, understand the situation may change quickly as the storm approaches.)

Understand cancellation requirements and penalties if applicable.

Know what coverage any purchased travel insurance does/does not provide.

Continuously monitor the situation as things can change quickly and dramatically.

Gas Prices:

Gas supplies are likely to tighten in the Gulf Coast portion of Florida panhandle and surrounding areas impacted by the hurricane. The severity of the storm will determine access to fuel supply and impact on gas prices in Florida and Georgia.

Supply could be limited and fuel deliveries disrupted to hurricane-impacted areas. If power is lost and roads are closed, gasoline deliveries will not resume until power is restored and roads are opened.

It is important to note that there will not be a gasoline shortage across the country, but instead temporary outages in certain areas affected by the storm.  

As in any national or local state of emergency, AAA expects gas prices to be held in check -- up and down the gasoline supply chain -- including prices set by refiners, distributors and dealers.

Forecasts for Hurricane Michael predict that the hurricane will not affect critical Gulf Coast infrastructure (refineries, pipelines). However, heavy rain and high winds could affect refineries in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana.