Those who spend time in downtown Ardmore may have noticed that the northern most lane of Main Street between Caddo and Mill Street is now blocked off in preparation for the demolition and construction soon set to begin. Assistant City Manager Kevin Boatright, gave an update on the progress being made and provided the plan of things to come.
“Right now, they are in the final stages on Caddo of trying to tie in the storm water system,” Boatright said. “They’ve spent probably the last month-plus of putting in all the storm sewer there.”
Also on Caddo, the majority of the sidewalk construction between 2nd Street and Broadway has been completed. The only exception to this is the northwest corner of Caddo and Broadway which is slightly delayed due to conduit piping that has to be run beneath the street.
The largest section of the work currently underway is being done on Caddo between Broadway and East Main where workers are installing the storm sewer, which is almost ready to tie in to the manhole at the intersection of Caddo and East Main Street.
“Now there are lots of barricades on Main Street that have been set up,” Boatright said. “That’s primarily for safety and traffic control.” These barricades also signal that work will soon begin in earnest on Main Street.
“Earlier this week, down the middle lane from Caddo towards Washington, you’ll see a lot of paint marks where they’ve surveyed and marked the utilities,” Boatright said. “You can also see some saw cuts where they will have to tear up a portion of the middle lane to tie into the storm sewer.” Other saw cut marks are noticeable near the curb on the north side of Main Street because this will be the first portion of the sidewalk to be  demolished and replaced.
“I would expect the demolition to begin at any time, but I know that the rain we had on Wednesday might have pushed that back a little bit,” Boatright said.
Boatright also wanted to stress the businesses on this section of Main Street will remain open throughout the demolition and construction process.
“There is parking available in the back of these businesses,” Boatright said. “Tim Longest, who owns the lot back there, said that parking there would be fine.” Boatright went on to say that additional parking will be available across the street on the south side of Main.
“You may have to park across the street or in the back, but we want the public to know that those businesses are open and they still need your business even though there is no parking available in the front.”
“Basically there are several different parts that are all moving at the same time – sidewalks, finishing up the storm sewer, and now beginning the demolition of East Main,” Boatright said. “But by the time we come to this process, I’m happy with that because it just means we’re that much closer to being done. I think people will be really happy with the project when it’s completed.”