Bartlesville Police are reporting an influx of scam calls involving unpaid taxes.

“We are getting many reports today from residents receiving calls from scammers. They either claim to be the IRS threatening arrest for unpaid taxes or they claim to be the police threatening arrest for unpaid fines/warrant” BPD Capt. Jay Hastings said.

“Please be aware, and make sure your family members are aware, that these are scams and under no circumstances should you send them money or provide them with your personal information.”

Hastings says that calls such as those reported are difficult to catch and prosecute, but just being aware is a good defense.

“Unfortunately, these calls generally come from overseas, and there isn’t a lot of enforcement action that local police department can pursue,” he said.

“The best option for law enforcement is to educate people as quickly as possible, and hopefully, prevent any more people from falling victim to the scam.”