The Lady Ridgerunners played a double header softball scrimmage on Friday, August 3 going 1-0-1 for the day.

Vs. Garber

The first game of the day was against Garber’s Lady Wolverines with a win of 6-0 after 60 minutes of play.

Unlike regular season games which are not played with a time limit the days scrimmage was given a 60 minute or a seven inning limit to ensure timely play for all three teams competing.

Mikalle Pair was on the mound to start the day for the Lady Ridgerunners and shut down the Lady Wolverines after four batters with a runner left on first.

Pair, one of two Lady Red Pitchers, is a junior this year and spent time with Oklahoma Team Genesis over the summer continuing to work on her pitching.

The girls stepped into the batter’s box in the first and managed to put three runs on the board before ending the inning 3-0.

The top of the second was a quick three and out for girls with the second batter talking a walk after a dead ball being called.

The runner then attempted to steal second but was caught in a rundown or commonly referred to as a pickle before being tagged out.

With a pop fly by the third hitter that send the Lady Wolverines out to the field with no points.

Grove responded by placing one run on the board when their runner took advantage of a wild pitch and stole home to advance the score to 4-0.

In the top of the third Pair seemed to find her rhythm striking out the first two batters before she was relieved to allow Laken Malone a chance to throw for the game.

The bottom of the third showed the Lady Wolverines a little of what Grove has been known for when they put two runs on the board by stealing home twice.

The girls were showing their quickness and awareness of the ball on both steal by taking advantage or a wild pitch for the first run and a pop fly for the second beating the throw to home.

Game time was called in the fourth while Malone was on the mound striking out two of the batters and seeing the third thrown out before ending the game with a 6-0 victory.

Vs. Commerce

The girls had a short break before returning to the field to play the Lady Tigers of Commerce tying in a 3-3 finish.

Grove was the guest team for this game stepping up to bat first with a quick at bat after the first three were thrown out at first base.

Malone returned to the mound for the girls and took a little time to settle into her groove.

After the first batter earning a single Malone walked the next three batters giving the Lady Tigers their first run followed by a single RBI to score another.

The next Lady Tiger struck out swinging but was followed by at dead ball being called after the batter was hit by the pitch giving Lady Tiger their third and final run for the inning.

A dramatic single with a throw home from shortstop earned the second out of the inning and prevented an additional run.

The girls closed out the inning after the next batter was thrown out at first to trail 0-3 by the end of the first.

The top of the second gave Lady Red their first run of the game but also got them an out do to a miss-read on a play.

With a runner on first and third, and only one out, the girls tried to steal second.

Typically, in this setting, team’s will steal second and if they get a quick enough jump on the ball it tends to be an uncontested steal due to the threat of the scoring runner on third.

The Lady Tigers however, chose to bait the Lady Ridgerunners by making a short throw to the second baseman who moved in close behind the pitcher.

The Grove runner on third read the play as a long throw from home to second and saw a chance to attempt to beat the throw home.

However, because of the short throw and the confusion caused by the non-standard play, the runner was thrown out attempting to return to third.

With the next batter getting thrown out at first Lady Red took to the field trailing 1-3.

The bottom of the second and the entire third inning saw no additional runs being placed on the board for either team.

With the game clock running down Lady Red needed to score in the fourth inning or risk losing the game.

Starting the inning off the girls were able to get a single on a bunt followed by a double which put the tying run in scoring position.

The next batter connected with the ball bouncing it between second and first managing to get an RBI despite being thrown out at first.

Down by one, with one out and the tying runner on third the girls need to bring in the score to stay alive.

Grove’s next batter hit a pop fly being called out on the catch.

With two down it was crunch time for the girls and the next batter stepped in the box to crush a single behind second to bring in the tying RBI.

Pair followed with a double to put two runners in scoring position hoping to pull ahead.

However, the next at bat was thrown out at first preventing any additional runs from being counted ending the at bat tied 3-3.

Unable to go extra innings in the scrimmage Malone needed to prevent any additional runs in hopes for the tie.

She struck out the first batter followed by a popfly to outfield and an infield grounder resulting in the third out at first to end the game in a tie 3-3.

The girls will have a chance to return for one more practice day before their season opener against Stilwell at 5 p.m. Tuesday August 7.

“We will spend Monday doing a little review of everything,” said Coach Jeremy Collins. “We will hit a lot and spend some time with our pitchers and locate a little better.”

The Lady Ridgerunners opened last year against Stilwell beating them 20-0 and again later in the season 16-0.