NAME: Raymond Leslie Whaling

AGE: 67

RESIDENCE: Bartlesville

CHARGE: Grand larceny

DETAILS: Osage Nation Police Department’s Patrick Luey was dispatched just after midnight to the Bartlesville Osage Casino on June 18 regarding a lost wallet. A man says that he got up and went from one machine to another, played on the latter, then cashed out for $600. He put the money in his wallet, then went back to the first machine for a short bit, then back to the second machine, where he noticed his wallet was missing. He immediately reported the loss to security and noted that he had $1,000 in cash and several credit cards in the wallet. Surveillance video shows that the defendant picked up the wallet, looked inside it then quickly exited the casino with it. He is identified by his player’s card, which he used in the machine where he had been gambling. When he is interviewed, the defendant says he dropped his own wallet, picked it up, got a drink then left the casino. He told the police he would go and get the wallet. Officer Luey saw him remove cash from one brown wallet and put it in another. When challenged, he says he only put a few dollars in the wallet, but there was $1,000 in it.

NAME: Lucy Souphanthong

AGE: 33


NAME: James Richard Munson

AGE: 36


CHARGE: Unauthorized use of a car, possession of paraphernalia.

DETAILS: Deputy Anthony Barnett was alerted to a suspicious car on June 14 that had been reported stolen from Avis Rentals. The Hyundai was stopped by Osage Nation Police Department’s Mason Goode at Country Road and N. 58th W. Ave. and the officer placed a man and woman in custody. Officer Barnett inventoried the car and found mail with this defendant’s name as well as men’s and women’s clothing, a pipe and a small amount of apparent methamphetamine.

NAME: Christopher John Brown

AGE: 28


CHARGE: Felon with a gun, suspended license.

DETAILS: On June 14, Skiatook Chief James Dean received a call about a suspicious person in a car with Nebraska tags. The caller said the man was looking for a pawn shop and that several things didn’t seem right. Dean talked to the man near the pawn shop and got his information. He ran the records and found that the man had a suspended license. The man then started to drive away from the pawn shop and went across traffic without signaling. Dean stopped him for the suspended license, and when he starts inventorying the contents of the car, the driver said there was a gun inside a water container, wrapped up in a shirt. Dean found the gun, a .380 Remington, and discovered that the defendant was a three-time felon.

NAME: Eric J. Keener

AGE: 40


CHARGE: DUI-drugs, paraphernalia.

DETAILS: The defendant was arrested June 17 for driving under the influence of an undisclosed substance at OK State Road 20 and Javine Hill Road. He also had a cut straw and a smoking pipe with him. No affidavit was filed in the case.

NAME: Jeremy Allen Townley

AGE: 39

RESIDENCE: Sand Springs

CHARGE: Public intoxication.

DETAILS: Deputy Don Laxson was dispatched to Tall Chief Cove at Skiatook Lake on June 17 regarding a man who was vomiting into the lake and drinking beer under water. He finds the defendant appearing inebriated. The man also had an outstanding warrant in Osage County.

NAME: Dustin Dean Sills

AGE: 35


CHARGE: Assault and battery domestic, public intoxication.

DETAILS: On June 16, Deputy Johnny Porter was dispatched to Main Street in Prue for a domestic with injuries. The defendant told dispatch that his estranged wife is drunk and trying to leave with the kids. A preacher then called dispatch and said that the wife is at his church. Porter meets with the woman and she doesn’t appear to be drunk at all but she does have a bloody nose and a bruise developing. She said that she and the defendant and children had been at the lake and that he had consumed about nine beers. She says he became angry that she wanted to drive because she was more sober than he. She says he tried to pull her out of the car and punched her in front of the kids. The woman blows 0.00 on the portable test but the defendant insisted she was drunk. In fact, he appeared to be the one who was drunk. The oldest child said that her dad was hitting her mom and that she got scared and ran off to the preacher’s house with her younger siblings.

NAME: Brandon Lee York

AGE: 43

RESIDENCE: Sand Springs

CHARGE: Possession of methamphetamine, paraphernalia, public intoxication.

DETAILS: On June 16, Deputy Daniel Brashear was dispatched to Willow Creek Road on a report of a man who was drunk and tearing up a house. He found the defendant to be belligerent, yelling and cursing, and also bleeding from his right hand. A child was crying in another room. The man was taken outdoors but was still belligerent and refusing to calm down, so he was arrested. He was found to be in possession of about two grams of apparent methamphetamine, 16 grams of marijuana, some pills and baggies.

NAME: Daria Isiah Swan

AGE: 37

RESIDENCE: Stillwater

CHARGE: Revoked license

DETAILS: Deputy Jeff Jones stopped a car on Main Street in Pawhuska after it failed to dim its lights and found that the defendant had a revoked license.

NAME: Curtis Dale Wickham

AGE: 24

RESIDENCE: Broken Arrow

DETAILS: DUI, suspended license. Deputy Johnny Porter was on patrol at Newton and N. 54th Street when he clocked a car doing 45 mph in a 35-mph zone. He stopped the car, and the driver appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine: He was jerky and had dilated pupils. He failed roadside tests and said that he last used methamphetamine an hour earlier.

NAME: Florentino de la Sanchez

AGE: 53

RESIDENCE: Tulsa: Driving while impaired, no driver’s license.

DETAILS: On June 16, Skiatook Police Department’s Chris Edwards was on patrol on Rogers when he saw a truck with a bad tail light. He stopped it, and the driver smelled of booze. When Edwards asked for his license, the man handed him a Mexican ID. He failed roadside tests and he blew .15 on the portable test. He refused to take the regular breathalyzer test.

NAME: Trenton Higgins

AGE: 20


CHARGE: Possession of methamphetamine, paraphernalia.

DETAILS: Hominy Police Department’s Bret Taylor stopped a car June 16 because it had a broken brake light. As he stopped, the driver was fooling around with something under his seat. Taylor saw loose tobacco and a clear container and asks what was inside the container. The guy utters an epithet and handed over the container, which contained apparent methamphetamine. He denied it was his but could’t say to whom it did belong.

NAME: Tiffany Reed

AGE: 28


CHARGE: Possession of methamphetamine

DETAILS: Pawhuska Police Department’s William Wamego was on patrol on June 18 when he saw a car change lanes without signaling. He stops the car at Main and Ash Streets and immediately got hit by the odors of alcohol and burned marijuana. There were two-open beers in the car along with a half a gram of apparent methamphetamine.

NAME: Lorene Marie Woodford

AGE: 58


CHARGE: Possession of methamphetamine

DETAILS: Passenger in the Reed car, above. She had three grams of methamphetamine in her purse. She said she had heart problems, and bought the methamphetamine just to try it, but had not done so quite yet.

NAME: Hailey Dawn Patterson

AGE: 20


CHARGE: DUI, minor with beer.

DETAILS: On June 19, Pawhuska Police Department’s Paris Robertson stopped a car with a bad tail light at Main Street and Kihekah Avenue. The driver appears intoxicated, the car smelled of alcohol, and there were a total of five people in the car, all under 21. Two passengers in the car were 16 and had Bush Light beers.

NAME: Noah William Cross

AGE: 20

RESIDENCE: Bartlesville:

CHARGE: Obstructing officer, public intoxication, minor with beer.

DETAILS: Passenger in the Patterson car, above. He repeatedly said that his last name was spelled C-H-R-I-S. He admitted that he and the others have been smoking marijuana and drinking beer at Bluestem. At one point he gets all bowed up and aggressive.