OKLAHOMA CITY – Enel Green Power , the operator of the Osage Wind farm in Osage County, announced recently that it has partnered with Osage County school districts at Shidler Public Schools, Woodland Public Schools and Pawhuska Public Schools.

This year the company will contribute to Osage County schools to support educational resources in the classroom, and funding for scholarship opportunities for students post-secondary education.

Pawhuska Public Schools has used funding to enhance school technology, specifically through a 1:1 technology initiative providing laptops to students to help improve learning in the classroom. Pawhuska students have also benefited from three scholarships provided by Enel Green Power.

Shidler Public Schools will use funding for several initiatives including supplies for STEM programs, and technology in the classroom. “We appreciate Enel Green Power,” said Shidler school administrator Janice Finton. “The additional money we receive from Enel certainly helps our schools, and our students.” Enel Green Power provided college scholarships for two Shidler students following the 2016-2017 school year.

“Enel Green Power has made a commitment to being a positive influence in our communities,” said Osage wind farm Supervisor Cody Combs. “The best way for us to be involved here is to support our local schools, the teachers they employ and the student that they educate.”

Woodland Public Schools has earmarked a portion of funding to spotlight student achievement.

“Woodland Public Schools hosts an annual Academic Awards Banquet to celebrate academic excellence and to recognize the outstanding achievements of our high school students,” said Woodland Principal Rick Rogers. “Students, and parents attend the banquet free of charge because most of the expense of the banquet is bore by Enel Green Power. Enel’s generosity to Woodland Schools is greatly valued.”

“EGP looks forward to our continued educational partnerships, and community investments,” Combs said.“The Osage wind farm is a part of the community, the people we employ live in the community and the landowners who lease the land for the wind farm are a part of this community, so being an active part of the community, especially the schools, is incredibly important to us.”