Student of Year thanks Bartlesville

Just as sure as the calendar turned to May, the school year is coming to a rapid close and for those of us in the class of 2018, our high school education is coming to its natural conclusion.

Our final year of high school has been historic in the fight to support public education and our educators in the state of Oklahoma. While the state has wobbled in its support of education, the same cannot be said for Bartlesville and the surrounding communities — as was on display at The Examiner-Enterprise and Patriot GMC Hyundai’s “Night of Scholars and Champions.”

We are so fortunate to be living in a community where over 500 people attended this special event to honor 35 student-athletes and 16 student scholars.

Many of the attendees were representatives from sponsors led by The Examiner-Enterprise, Patriot GMC-Hyundai and Truity Credit Union, along with over 40 other community businesses and leaders, all of whom made this event possible.

This event recognized many years of effort, sacrifice, and devotion to academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, and community involvement that these students demonstrate both in and out of the classroom. I know I would not have been there without the many teachers, educators, counselors, coaches, and administrators who have touched my life over the past 12-plus years of secondary education. To all of you, I cannot say THANK YOU enough for helping me along in this journey.

Growing up in Bartlesville has molded me into who I am today, as I am humbled to have been named “Student of the Year” and am ever-grateful for the individuals in our community who are committed to turning dreams into reality. However, the “Night of Scholars and Champions” wasn’t about any one individual award, it was much bigger than that: it was about a community embracing its unwavering support for education, knowing that is what forges the path to a great society.

I may be leaving the state to attend college at Purdue University this fall, but I am proud to say Bartlesville will always be my home.

Allison Biddinger



Older, but stronger

Don’t show old, but strong. What do I mean? After having 58 birthdays, it occurred to me our bodies are affected one way or another. But what I have found you have to overcome our body’s by being stronger.

How you say! By a source of mind power. What are you talking about? Knowledge, wisdom. Many people have used mind power. People found oil. Farmers feed many rancher’s families. Ranchers help provide cattle. So how can you say it helps/ It is a power to know.

Mothers and fathers, grandparents help with brain power, especially mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Joyce Owsley Hambright



Support Garber

We have two choice for the position of District 11 Oklahoma House of Representatives. The election on June 26 will determine who will represent us. I have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with both candidates. Each brings a “tool box” of different skills, experiences and qualifications. I am casting my vote for Martin Garber for the following reasons.

Mr. Garber’s heritage, experiences and accomplishments from decades of work with all levels of government, educators, farmers, small business owners and Fortune 100 company CEOs uniquely qualifies him as the best candidate. He is a native Oklahoman, raised on a farm, whose heritage began with the 1893 Land Run.

Through the years, he has uniquely prepared his qualifications through various opportunities in government, including managing nine divisions of state government, Board of Public Affairs Commissioner, Oklahoma Tourism Commission, state and federal lobbyist, education including of Board of Regents — Tulsa Community College (27 years), Education Promise co-founder, many local initiatives, industry, including government relations and political affairs manager for Phillips Petroleum Co., company representative on many important industry organizations, including the American Petroleum Institute. He is a veteran and tireless leader in promoting Oklahoma!.

These are only a few of his credentials and experiences that have prepared him to be effective in working with legislators from both parties at the state and federal levels, and being able to look at issues, understanding the impact on others and working with them to achieve the best possible outcomes for all Oklahomans!

I hope you will join me by voting for Martin Garber on June 26.

Doug Quinn