Larry Stuart was a minister of justice and a minister of mercy, a believer in second chances.

Stuart, 69, passed away April 23 and the First Christian Church of Hominy, where he was pastor, held a celebration of life ceremony for him April 30.

He was remembered by many as the longtime district attorney in Osage County, and a line of Sheriff’s Office vehicles drove down State Highway 99 on Monday morning for his service. Stuart, who died of cancer, was district attorney more than 30 years, until early 2011.

“Anyone that served as long as he did, he cared about the county,” Sheriff Eddie Virden said.

Stuart was the sort of man who went about his business without expecting anyone to acknowledge him, Hominy City Manager Jimmie Ratliff II recalls.

“The biggest thing about Larry Stuart was that he wasn’t looking for recognition,” Ratliff said. “He did good things because that’s what you do.”

Hominy city worker Dani Mullins says Stuart was an even-tempered fellow who enjoyed spending time with friends and family.

“He was pretty mellow. He was pretty easy-going,” Mullins said. “I don’t remember him ever getting upset.”

Stuart enjoyed riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle with friends, singing in church and attending youth sports events, Ratliff and Mullins said.

“He was a great singer. You could tell when he wasn’t there,” Ratliff said, explaining that members of the congregation were more likely to join in a song when Stuart was singing with them.

Stuart is also remembered as a generous man who was active in the local Ministerial Alliance and who, along with his wife, Janeen, helped to prepare food baskets for people.

There were reportedly folks who, during Stuart’s 32 years as district attorney, had threatened to do him harm when they got out of prison, but were eventually changed because of his involvement with ministry, Ratliff said.

While Stuart was a believer in following the law, he also believed in the possibility of change for the better, Ratliff said.

“I think he was always willing to give people a chance to change,” he said.