“The Story of Live Dolls,” presented on Feb. 24, was a fun-filled afternoon at the Osage County Inter-local building. Roseanne McKee of Hominy Tourism revised and narrated this 1920s story, which was written by Josephine Scribner Gates. The story is one about how a little girl named Janey Belle had a magical day as all the dolls came to life! There was a visit by the queen of the dolls and her coachman and a tea prepared by “Dolly” and “Dinah” two of the dolls. After the program was over, there was a table filled with cookies, cupcakes, cucumber sandwiches and pimento sandwiches along with scones and punch!

This fundraiser was sponsored by the Friends of the Drummond Home and Hominy Tourism.

Special thanks go to our actors who all worked very hard at several rehearsals for this performance, and Roseanne McKee for all her hard work at revising and narrating and for all her amazing food! Participants were Natasha Evans, who played “Janey Belle”, Aliviah and Hannah Prochoska who played “Dolly and Dinah” two of the dolls, Tatem and Garrett Parks for their parts as “Queen of the Dolls” and her Coachman, and we are not going to forget Sherry Carter who played the part of Janey’s mother!! You all did am amazing job and I am so proud of you all! Thank you very much! Also a big thank you to the girls at the Osage county Inter-local, Anita, Debbie, and Kathy, for allowing us to use their building and for coming over to unlock doors for us!!

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