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Reminiscing …

“My Book” by F.G. Moore

I started school after the summer of 1944, and although I still wasn’t too interested in my studies, I enjoyed going to school. There were several new girls to meet — those who had transferred into high school from the country schools. That took priority over all other things when school first began.

I suppose half of the students in our class were new to the high school when we started the year. All the guys and the girls were maneuvering around to get dates with the one they liked the best. Dates usually amounted to getting to walk the girl home after some function that might have been occurring at the school. None of the students had cars then, and only a few had access to their parents cars, so we were not able to go on what one could call a real date. Since most of the girls lived in the country, we didn’t see much of them except at school. When something was going on at the school at night, the girls who lived in the country usually stayed in town with their friends.

If any had more than one date with the same girl, everyone considered that we were going steady. That meant it was alright to hold hands on the way to Nora’s to have lunch. Jeaneta was the one who took my heart. I was sure then that it was true love.

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