The public will have an opportunity to see live theater Thursday night at the Historic Constantine Theater. “Bigger than Life” will be shown 7 p.m. and will feature an array of talented local performers.

Written by Cynthia Mercati and directed by Garrett Hartness, “Bigger than Life” features 13 actors. These include Serena Jeffers, Elizabeth Chambers, Rhian Chambers, Jacklyn Chambers, Noah Hoyt, Andrew Williams, Misty Hull, Zale Poe, Nicoah Hyslop, Katie Adair, Emmett Finn, Mercedez Gibson and Samuel Shaw.

Garrett Hartness said, “This marks the 26th year we have been bringing children’s theater to the Constantine and the ninth year the productions have been presented by the Constantine Players. The late Janet Holcombe served as the first Children’s Theater Chair, followed by Barbara Strahm. Children’s Theater is also a G.F.W.C. Heeko sponsored project. Heeko members have served as ushers since the program was initiated.

Matinee performances are slated for Tuesday and Thursday for 1,755 Osage County youth. For many children, this will be their first exposure to live theater. “Bigger than Life” is about the legendary P.T. Barnum and his American folk tales about Sally Cato and the Giant, Bess Call and the City Slicker, Sal Fink and the River Pirates, Pecos Bill, Annie Oakley and Frank Butler. Complete with songs and dance, “Bigger than Life” is a fun, lively show the entire family will enjoy.

Tickets for Thursday night’s performance are $8 and will be available at the door.