Freezing weather conditions may have made Saturday’s Osage County Predator Hunt more of a challenge for the hunters, but the predators were the ones that paid the ultimate price.

The 56 team entries bagged 62 coyotes and two bobcats,

In addition to helping stock-raisers of Osage County, the second-annual event benefitted the Wounded Warrior Project.

Following a daylong hunt, the “dogs” (coyotes) and (bob) ‘cats were brought to the official weigh-in station at Pawhuska Country Club.

The first-place team of Kojack Holloway and Matt Penner brought in eight coyotes with a combined weight of approximately 227 1/2 pounds. Based on the prize money the winners were awarded, that predator quarry was worth nearly $18 a pound.

Six “dogs” from the second-place team weighed 189 pounds, which earned a cash prize of a little over $2,000. The third-place team bagged six coyotes weighing 176.8 pounds — and the 12.2 pounds brought them $1,300 less in payout money.

The “Biggest Dog” weighed 40 pounds and earned $1,200 in side-pot funds. There also was a “Small Dog” award that went to an 18.72-pounder and brought the hunter $1,150.

A $725 prize was given for the “Big Cat” bobcat, which weighed in at 20 pounds.

Event organizer Chris Turley said he’s planning to hold another hunt next year.