(Submitted by Superintendent Shelley Shulanberger)

It was a short but busy week.

Reading skills of elementary students were tested with Dibels Next and parent reports will be sent home next week.

On Wednesday, the fifth-and sixth-graders began attending the Star Base stem program. They will have three more weeks, with the last day to be Tuesday, Sept. 27. We are needing three volunteers to attend the program with them. Anyone who volunteers would be welcome to ride on the bus with the students.

Our 11th- and 12th-grade students participated in Thursday’s ASVAB test.

The school’s book fair started Wednesday and is to continue daily through Thursday, Sept. 15.

We had three days of softball games. The junior high team participated in a softball festival at Oklahoma Union last Friday and was to play at Hominy on Monday, Sept. 12. On Tuesday, Sept. 13, the junior high and high school were scheduled for home games against Copan and we were to observe Senior Night, beginning around 5:45 p.m. Softball season is almost over, although our high school team still has a festival at Oklahoma Union on Thursday (Sept. 15).

We appreciate all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, etc. who were able to have lunch with their student. It really makes their day to have a lunch date.

A Johnson-O’Malley meeting was held Monday, Sept. 12, in the administration office. All Native American students should have attended.

September’s meeting of the school board was Monday evening, Sept. 12, in the administration building’s Board of Education office.

On Tuesday, Sept. 13 and Thursday, Sept. 15, Parent/Teacher conferences were scheduled from 4 to 7 p.m. Any parents who don’t have an appointment should call the office at 918-846-2467 so Lorrie can schedule a time for them.

Thanks to everyone who attended the PTO meeting held Tuesday evening, Sept. 13. PTO helps raise money for purchasing items for our school’s students and teachers.

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, the Osage County Health Department will be at the school completing head-lice exams. If your child is found to have head lice, please take all possible measures to clear up the problem. That way, they can return to school as soon as possible. Their education is extremely important!

Please observe the school’s drop-off procedures. In the mornings, don’t drop students off in the road. Instead, pull through the parking lot and drop them off near the high school building. The procedure will ensure the safety of our students.

There will not be any classes at the shool on Monday, Sept. 19., since this is to be a professional day for the teachers.



Hominy EMS has asked the town of Wynona to charge residents a mandatory $7 per month for ambulance service.

The benefits, according to the Hominy EMS, are:

1. Residents will pay no out of pocket expenses for emergency transports. Hominy EMS billing company will only bill patients insurance.

2. Medicare and insurance companies deny about 30 percent of all ambulance claims they receive. When they refuse to pay, the entire bill-usually totaling $1,300 becomes the patients responsibility without an Ambulance Dues Policy in effect.

3. Even if Medicare or your insurance provider approves your claim, it is likely that you will still be responsible for meeting a deductible or providing a co-payment. Plus, insurance companies often pay a reduced amount when they approve a claim, leaving patients to pay the remaining balance.

4. Residents who do not have medical insurance are to receive a 40 percent reduction in their bill from the Hominy EMS billing company.

5. If Hominy EMS runs a call and the resident refuses care/transport, the resident won’t be charged a $250 refusal fee that is usually billed for non-transport calls.

6. Each household pays one monthly fee of $7 and each member in that household will be covered for ambulance dues. Residents of household outside of mother/father/children must be able to prove that they reside at the residence covered.

Hominy EMS will not be able to provide ambulance service to Wynona residents without the mandatory dues. Letters from the ambulance company have been sent out to every customer in the billing area.

Wynona Town Council members are to vote on the ambulance proposal Tuesday, Sept. 20.