Just a reminder that Lee Webb, is still coming to the Town Hall on Fridays from 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 to help Veterans with their benefits. This is a great opportunity for veterans and should be utilized by all that are qualified. Veterans are reminded that they can use their tax exempt card from the state to exempt taxes on their phone bills. Just contact your telephone provider for more details.


The Osage Nation Title VI program came to Wynona on Wednesday, July 10 and distributed $25 vouchers to almost 90 people. This is such an excellent program and offers everyone in Osage County that is 55 and older the opportunity to obtain free produce. Wynonans are so appreciative to the Title VI program and Margie and Shay for all their help. We appreciate the help. The vouchers are also available on Monday through Thursday at Title VI. The Farmers Markets are set up all over the county with delicious fresh produce.


The Wynona Utility Department has kept busy repairing water leaks, which caused low water pressure at some times. The Department has been hard at it, trying to get all the leaks repaired and encourages Wynonans to call Town Hall if they think they know of a leak at any time. Thanks to alert customers, the guys were able to find and repair leaks before we had to do without water.

Thanks to all the Wynonans for helping out by driving around looking for leaks and reporting to us on the known leaks.

Extreme heat causes water pipes to move and break apart in some instances. We want to keep on top of this situation and fix any problems before it becomes an issue.