Are you “jingle”-challenged after the holiday season? Feel like the Christmas spirit left after Santa did? You’re not alone. Tulsa author Rita Brumm USED to feel that way — starting every Jan. 1.

Until one day back in 2015 when she was Black Friday shopping at Stein Mart, where she spotted a unique piece of holiday jewelry, i.e., a sparkling red and green “Jingle” lapel pin, complete with tiny silver bells. Compelled to purchase it, she bought it and wore it all season long, only to forget to remove it from a jacket she had worn to that last holiday party. Upon pulling the jacket from her closet to wear again in early January, the jingle of the pin immediately lifted her spirits, reminding her of the joy she had experienced just one month before.

This gave her the inspiration to write what she hoped could help people discover — and keep — the joy, the “jingle,” that is Christmas, in their lives all year long. Rita’s first book, “The Jingle Factor: Twelve Months of Christmas Spirit,” is a month-to-month guide on what readers can do every month of the year to keep that December “jingle-thon” going for themselves, and for others. It combines real-life stories, humorous and creative insights on life, some pretty silly holidays to celebrate and just plain fun.

Her second book, “The Jingle Factor: Christmas Spirit To The Letter,” takes being a “Jing”-ologist to the next level. Except this time it’s an A-Z guide; the writer likes to think of it as jingle: alphabetized. From as seen on tv to dating websites, from older (as in getting) to empty nesting, from travel to retirement, this book contains even more real-life stories, more humor and more creative ideas on jumpstarting your jingle.

“I wanted to write something that would be entertaining, funny yet insightful, but also a very special way I could thank a whole lot of people who have put a lot of jingle in my life,” Brumm said. “I like to think of my writing style as a mashup of Irma Bombeck and Miss Piggy.”

A native of Bartlesville, Brumm is donating a percentage of book sales for both books to the Bartlesville Kiddie Park, a non-profit that has given its own special brand of jingle to children from not only Bartlesville, but from around the state and the country for nearly 70 years. Ron Adams, president of the Kiddie Park and a Santa in his own right, graces the cover of both books.

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