ADVERTISING POLICY - Payment in advance is required for political and classified transient accounts. • Rates quoted are net and non-commissionable. • Cancellation of advertisements will be accepted prior to advertising deadline for that issue. • Publisher reserves the right to approve or reject advertisements. • We assume no responsibility for photographs, drawings or other materials left in our possession although every effort will be made to hold them for customer or return them in good condition. • Our publication reserves the right, title and interest to all layouts of advertisements placed with us.

COMMISSION AND TERMS - All Advertising charges are payable in advance except for accounts that have established credit with this newspaper. • Advertisers who have established credit with this newspaper are billed monthly, ending the last working day of each month. Payment is due upon receipt of statement every month follow- ing publication. • Nonpayment of advertising charges by the last day of the month following the month in which the advertising appears shall, at the Publisher’s option, be deemed a breach of con- tract. • This newspaper reserves the right to refuse any advertising from any advertiser.

POLICY - Thirty day notice of any rate revision will be given. Publisher reserves the right to revise the rates at any time. • Advertising position is not guaranteed unless specifically purchased as “guaranteed” • We do not accept brokered advertising. • We accept alcoholic beverage and tobacco advertising. • None of the terms of this rate schedule may be altered other than by written agreement by an authorized representative of the publisher.

LIABILITY FOR ADVERTISEMENTS - Advertiser assumes all liability for advertisements printed pursuant to agreement and agreement shall indemnify and hold the Publisher harmless from and against any and all claims and damages including all costs incurred by Publisher in connections therewith. • Advertiser is responsible for payment in full for all advertising published pursuant to agreement, including all advertising placed for advertiser by any advertising agency.

CONTRACT COPY REGULATIONS & ERROR ADJUSTMENT Except as set forth herein, Newspaper shall not be liable for any error in omission of any portion of any advertisement made. Newspaper shall supply to Advertiser a proof copy of an advertisement to be published. In the event Advertiser returns the proof copy before the publications’ advertising deadline, with an error or correction plainly noted thereon, or in the event Newspaper fails to publish an advertisement as requested by Advertiser, and is notified of such omission, newspaper shall (1) in the case of error duly noted, prorate the cost of the advertisement in such proportion as the space occupied by the noted error bears to the whole space occupied by such advertisement in the next day’s issue of the Newspaper unless requested otherwise by Advertiser in writing. Newspaper’s liability is LIMITED to that activity noted in the paragraph and in no event shall Newspaper be liable for any general, special or consequential damages whatsoever. Claims for adjustments occasioned by an error or omission must be made not later than 30 days after the publication date on which the error or omission occurred.

Click here for our print advertising rates for Retail and Classified advertising, or call 918-287-1590 or 918-335-8200 and ask to speak to an advertising sales representative.

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