Hazel Ann Shoemake passed away Nov. 1, 2013 in Tulsa, Okla.

Hazel Ann Shoemake, daughter of Homer and Ineva Hunt, was born August 15, 1930, near Hominy, Okla. She attended Mound Valley Hominy schools and graduated from Wynona High School.

She married Shockley T. Shoemake on August 5, 1955. Four children were born to their marriage: Bransford Hunt Shoemake, John Taliaferro Shoemake, Shelley Ann Shoemake (Blizzard) and Sheila Lou Shoemake.

Upon graduation from high school, Hazel attended night classes at Tulsa University, worked for Dan P. Holmes Insurance, served as Cashier for Deep Rock Oil Company and, following marriage, as legal secretary for the Shoemake & Cunningham and Shoemake & Briggs law firms. Hazel was an outstanding semi-pro basketball player and an avid softball pitcher and golfer. Hazel promoted local sports and education serving as an unpaid certified basketball official for county schools and as a volunteer worker for Head Start.

She served 17 years as Osage County Clerk and was, perhaps, the first elected official of Osage County to employ, as a staff officer, a person of color. Modernization of her office procedure and equipment, the excellence of her office staff, her superior state ratings, etc., contributed to her becoming elected as a President of the Oklahoma County Clerk Association. The friendships she formed while serving as County Clerk brought her much daily joy and forged life-long friendships.

A nature lover and animal rights activist, Hazel was a principal supporter of the ongoing move to create in Osage County a federal park and sanctuary for other forms of life.

Hazel died at Clarehouse of Tulsa, surrounded by members of her family and caring staff.

Hazel was preceded in death by her brother Jackie; and by her sisters, Dorothy Weeks and Sue Thomas.

Surviving her, Hazel leaves her husband, Shockley; her children; four grandchildren, Heidi Blizzard, Hope Floyd, Jacque and Zachary Shoemake; and three great-grandchildren, Alex, Bill, and Rick Floyd.

Hazel’s memorial service will be held at 2 p.m., Jan. 10, 2014, at McCartney’s Johnson Funeral Home Chapel, Pawhuska, Okla.

Following Shockley’s death and cremation, the two are to be buried in a common grave bearing the marker reading "We Are One."