Just a reminder that Lee Webb, is still coming to the Town Hall on Fridays from 11:30 until 12:30 to help Veterans with their benefits. This is a great opportunity for veterans and should be utilized by all that are qualified. Veterans are reminded that they can use their tax exempt card from the state to exempt taxes on their phone bills. Just contact your telephone provider for more details.



The Wynona Board of Trustees met for the July meeting on July 16. The board conducted the regular business and then discussed the trash situation.

There are so many people who are not trash customers who are using the Wynona trash bins, that it is creating a problem. The trash company wants the amount of the trash picked up in the town dumpster lessened. The Board discussed and decided to purchase cameras to keep track of who is dumping trash in the dumpster. Those who are not authorized will be fined.

People are also dumping their trash out on the ground instead of putting it in the dumpster. The trash people will not pick up loose trash or trash from the ground. The Board discussed the possibility of keeping a big roll-off dumpster out at all times, but decided the cost would be too much to pay each month and they did not want to put the extra amount on the customer’s bill to cover the amount.

The Board also discussed the rules for the dog catcher, Jason Clark, who has been having a great deal of problems with the dogs running loose in the evenings. The Board told Clark to issue a warning first, then to issue a ticket for those who do not comply with the dog rules. The cost for the first ticket is $150 and it goes up $25 for each subsequent ticket. The dog pound fee is $10 per day.

Attending the meeting were; Nancy Deatherage, Goober Robinson, Della Carter, Evelyn Pitts, Johnnie Lott, Donna Swanner, Loretta Little, Janet Delaney, Jason Clark and Tennie Slone.