Three local high school students were injured Friday in a noontime traffic accident on East Main Street, Pawhuska police said.

The three male students were taken to Tulsa’s Saint Francis Hospital following the multi-vehicle mishap. They had been occupants of a pickup truck which flipped over after crashing into another vehicle. The accident occurred a few hundred yards west of State Highway 99 on the municipally-designated portion of U.S. Highway 60.

Reports indicated that a car driven by Brittany Wilson, 16, was attempting a turn on to Main when it collided with a truck driven by John Arnce. The crash caused the pickup to roll and come to rest on its side within the roadway.

Police said the driver of the car told them she had yielded for a third vehicle which was turning off of Main. They said she apparently then failed to see the truck travelling behind the vehicle that turned.

No serious injuries were believed to have been sustained by Wilson or the passenger in her car, Bailey Thompson, officers said.

One of the injured students, Pawhuska High School freshman Daniel Nightengale, reportedly was ejected from the pickup and sustained a fractured pelvis as a result of the accident. The other truck passenger who suffered injuries was identified as Logan Trammel.

By Monday, all three injured youths had been released from the hospital, a Saint Francis spokeswoman said.

Driver inexperience was cited by police as a partial cause of the mishap.