Osage County authorities recently dismissed an accessory-to-robbery charge connected to last year’s slaying of 61-year-old Bartlesville resident Timothy Allen Hauser.

The charge had been filed a little more than a year ago against Kathleen Renee Roland, 37, of Bartlesville. She was arrested about two months after Hauser had disappeared following an outing at an area casino. He was later found to have been killed.

Investigators for the Osage County Sheriff’s Office accused Roland of providing after-the-fact assistance to the man and woman they already had in custody on a charge of robbing Hauser. Rusty Boyd Petty, 42, and Trysta Alberta Eileen Shaffer, 29, were neighbors of Hauser and investigators believe they accompanied him both to the casino and when he departed. Since their arrests about a week after Hauser disappeared, Petty and Shaffer have been held on bonds of $1 million each.

Earlier this year, a first-degree murder charge was filed against Shaffer and Petty after human remains found in rural Osage County were confirmed by the state medical examiner’s office as belonging to Hauser.

Prosecutors dropped the conjoint robbery count against the pair in June, prior to the start of the preliminary hearing at which both defendants were ordered to stand trial on the murder charge. The related accessory count against Roland was dropped earlier this month. It was dismissed "without prejudice," allowing prosecutors the opportunity to re-file the charge at a later date.

Roland had been free on $1,000 bond since December, when she waived the right to a preliminary hearing in her case. It is expected that she will be called as a state’s witness at future trial(s) for Shaffer and/or Petty.

A motion that was filed on behalf of Petty in September seeks dismissal of the murder charge against him based upon claims of mental incompetence. There is a hearing on that motion scheduled for 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 3. Associate District Judge B. David Gambill will consider the motion. District court arraignment for one or both defendants could also take place on that date.

At the time of his arrest, Petty was at a Bartlesville hospital where he reportedly had sought treatment for mental issues.

Legal counsel for all three of the defendants is being provided through the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System. L. Wayne Woodyard of the OIDS Capital Case Division will be representing Petty.