Nov. 14 was a special day for Bethel seventh-grader Drew Black.

Nov. 14 was a special day for Bethel seventh-grader Drew Black.

As most young teens would be, she was excited about celebrating her 13th birthday — yet unlike most, she chose to give, rather than receive.

Drew organized a coat drive for needy locals.

She said she did it so everyone could stay warm this winter.

“I collected coats, clothes, hats and gloves to hand out,” she said.

Through social media and word-of-mouth, Drew found partners who were willing to help.

She said putting the call out on social media is what got her 99 percent of the donations.

“About a dozen people came forward to donate,” she said.

It's not the first time Drew has reached out to help others.

“I did it once when I was little and I wanted to try again,” she said.

Drew said her endeavor went well, collecting about seven or eight bags of items — all of which were donated.

Gathering winter-wear was only half of the effort — once collected, the clothing needed someone to warm.

“The homeless shelter I donated to five years ago has closed down, so we drove around and went behind the Shawnee Library,” Drew said.

This charitable act didn't take much time or effort to do, she said, yet it helped so many.

“Most people giving the coats were proud that I did this,” she said. “The people receiving them thanked me and are appreciative.”

As winter comes around every year, so might Drew's act of giving.

“This could be something I do every year,” she said. “It would also be a way for people to clean out their closets.”

Besides driving her to pick up donated items and handing out the winter items, Drew did it on her own, her mom, Mary, said.

“With the help of friend that donated a little money and I, we were able to go buy 50 hats and gloves,” Mary said.

Those items were also handed out with each coat Drew delivered.

Drew said in the future she may look into starting her coat drive sooner in the year and find a better way of handing out the coats.

Mary said she is extremely proud of her daughter's achievements.

“Not many take the time to help others,” she said.

Mary said her daughter's effort can act as an inspiration for the community.

“I hope Drew can show others that it doesn't take much to really help someone else,” Mary said. “I hope she will continue to keep her big heart.”

Drew said everyone else should try to do something like this and try to help others.