Incumbent candidates for the City Council and School Board had their bids for new terms rejected by voters in the Tuesday, Feb. 14, elections.

First-time candidate Rodger Milleson defeated Vice Mayor Cindy Tillman by 75 votes in the Pawhuska City Council race.

Former member Thomas Boone Jr. will be returning to the Pawhuska Board of Education as a result of his election-day victory over School Board President Jeff Bute.


The owner of a local oilfield-services business, Milleson received 57 percent of the 511 votes cast — with 293, compared to Tillman’s 218.

Milleson won a three-year term in the Council’s at-large seat, which he will take over in April.

“I’ve been trying to tell them what they should be doing for years,” said Milleson, a lifelong Pawhuskan. “Now, I guess, instead of just talking about it, I can live it.”

Tillman has been a Council member since 2011 and was seeking a second full term in office. She was selected as the city’s vice mayor in 2015 and re-chosen for the honorary post in 2016.


A similar 57 percent plurality made Boone a winner in the local Board of Education race. Boone garnered 398 votes as compared to incumbent Bute’s 299 votes.

Bute, who has been the school board president for the past two years, will complete the final months of his expiring 5-year term for the district’s Office No. 2. The seat will then be claimed by Boone, who previously served a term in the board’s Seat No. 5.

Boone had served a previous 5-year stint on the board before losing a 2015 re-election bid for Office No. 5 to current member Patricia Counts.

“I think the people who voted for me had seen the things I was trying to do when I was on the board the first time,” Boone said following the election.

“I’m honored to be able to go back to work for our school district,” Boone added. “I will try to make it better for our kids and everybody that it serves.”

Osage County’s Bowring and Shidler school districts also held Feb. 14 elections.