We want you in school!

Pawhuska administrators meet every month to share information and plan for quality instructional programming. Our recent concerns have focused on a challenge in our schools: absenteeism. And, we aren’t just talking about students, sometimes we have challenges with adult absenteeism as well.

According to research and national data, missing too much school is a national crisis that affects more than 6.5 million students. Although we typically think that absenteeism is highest at the high school level, a growing body of research shows the chronic early absence is becoming a problem as well. Chronic absence is typically highest in kindergarten and first grade, which are critical years for gaining fundamental academic and social skills that students need to begin their school careers.

Absenteeism in the wee grades can lead to weaker reading skills, higher retention rates, and lower attendance rates in later grades.

It doesn’t take a lot of time in the early years for missed instruction to lead to a lack of skill acquisition. In addition, absenteeism stresses young children and creates a situation where they may feel bewildered or left out. Young children are at the beck and call of adults who care for and set their schedules.

As administrators, we have decided to provide reminders and encouragement to have your child in school, every day. We need your commitment and positive encouragement to bring your children well rested, in positive spirits, and with a rooted love of school.

I never like to put a thought out there without a solution. We need to hear from you ideas about how we may improve services and instruction to fuel the love for learning and ground students in the practice and habit of being in school. We consider ourselves partners to our wonderful parents, guardians, and school community.

Expect to hear more conversation and let us know your thoughts as well.

(Comments can be left on the school website’s Blog section. The district asks persons who respond to include their names and e-mail addresses, which will be used for communication with the schools, only, and will not be shared on the website.)