People in Pawhuska already know Serena Jeffers is talented. Very talented.

Before long, that not-so-secret news may spread nationwide. Recently, the Pawhuska High School freshman took a trip to Tennessee, for an audition with the America’s Got Talent television program.

Jeffers is noted for her abilities as a both a singer and an actor, but her talents don’t end there. She’s also proven herself to be a capable director. And, considering the remarkable athleticism of her brother, junior Brian Jeffers, Serena probably would also succeed in sports — if she could only find the time.

“Such a shy girl … but with so much courage!,” her mother, Terrie Jeffers, posted on Facebook as they waited anxiously for the try-out to get started.

Serena’s father, Brian Jeffers, drove her to Memphis — a nearly seven-hour journey from Pawhuska. He said the long wait in the studio prior to the audition was the most difficult part.

According to Mr. Jeffers, Serena’s evening audition went well.

“They said those who auditioned will know in a month (whether or not they get to appear on the show),” her mother said. “I am proud, though, no matter what … and feel positive.”

Garrett Hartness, the president of the Constantine Arts Council, has helped guide Jeffers’ early theater career. Last fall, she received five of the Constantine’s 15 Sassy awards — winning for acting and directing, as well as performance and (get this!) costume design. Hartness expressed confidence that his young protege is bound for glory.

“The world is her oyster and she’s prying it open,” said Hartness.