Candidates for offices in eight Osage County municipalities filed Feb. 6-8, according to the Osage County Election Board.

The last day any of those filings could be contested with the county Election Board was Feb. 10, officials added.

Muncipal offices were open in Wynona, Barnsdall, Hominy and Shidler, as well as in Avant, Burbank, Fairfax and Prue. Candidates filed for all positions in every community except in New Prue, where three positions remain open.

Elections will be required to select between candidates for seats on the Barnsdall Town Council, the Fairfax Board of Trustees and the Hominy City Council.

Those three contested nonpartisan positions (meaning candidates declare no political-party affiliations) are to be determined in a general election scheduled April 4, local election officials said.

The following candidates filed for offices in their respective communities:

Avant — Trustees (two with 4-year terms): Shirley J. Brown and Kevin W. Petrunak.

Barnsdall — Council member Ward 2 (4-year term): Betty Fowler and J.D. Cole; Council member Ward 4 (4-year term): Oscar Lee Hall; Treasurer (4-year term): Paulette Elaine Thompson.

Burbank — Ward 1 Trustee (4-year term): Brett Barnett; Ward 1 Trustee (2-year unexpired term); James W. Martin; Town Clerk/Treasurer (4-year term): Millie Bonner Moore.

Fairfax — Trustees (two with 4-year terms): Boa K. Cox, Charles Cartwright and Greg Daley.

Hominy — Council member Ward 1 (4-year term): Jerry L. Stumpff; Council member Ward 4 (4-year term): Daniel Johnson; Council member At Large (4-year term): Emma Pitts and Ronald L. Reed.

Shidler —Council member Ward 1, Seat 2 (4-year term): Edward G. Kramer; Council member Ward 2, Seat 2 (4-year term): Patrick L. Patton; Council member Ward 3, Seat 2 (4-year term): Jerrod O. Miller; Council member Ward 4, Seat 2 (4-year term): Cody D. Golay.

New Prue — Trustees (three with 4-year terms): Pete Burris, two trustee positions remain open; Clerk (2-year unexpired term): no candidate(s); Treasurer (2-year unexpired term): Denniece K. Coyle-Ames.

Wynona — Trustees (3 with 4-year terms): Gary Robinson, Johnnie Jo Lott and Nancy Deatherage; Treasurer (4-year term): Janet Delaney.

For more information, contact the Osage County Election Board at (918) 287-3036 or e-mail at