Two people are facing off in the Feb. 14 Pawhuska City Council election.

Rodger Milleson, the owner of a local oilfield services company, is making his first bid for elective office. He is a candidate in in the Feb. 14 election for Pawhuska City Council.

A 1979 graduate of Pawhuska High School, Milleson has been self-employed for 33 years as owner of Milleson Oilfield Services.

Milleson and and wife, Karen, have been married for 35 years. They have one daughter, Shelby, who is attending Oklahoma State University.

Cindy Tillman is the incumbent. A council member since 2011, she is serving her second term as vice mayor.

A graduate of Pawhuska High School, Tillman has a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science. She also received Leadership Arts Certification through the Oklahoma Arts Council.

The incumbent candidate worked in social services for 11 years. Tillman has been a business owner in this community and formerly worked part-time as a school counselor. She was formerly employed at Osage Nation Child Support Services.

Tillman is employed at the Pawhuska Hospital as the director of outpatient services and assistant administrator. She has been employed at the hospital for one year.

She’s married to Joe Tillman, who serves on the Osage Nation Congress. Her parents have owned several businesses in the community over the years, and her sisters, Stephanie Priest and Christi McNeil, are actively involved in the community.


MILLESON: The council needs to represent the people of Pawhuska. Not the city manager. I’ve been griping about it for years. I decided it was time for me to either get involved and try to fix it, or shut up. I just feel like we need to get somebody in there that’s for the people. Sometimes, I think they need to let the people talk and really listen to what they’re saying. Now, they kind of do what they want to do. I want the people to be able to have a say in the decisions. I’ve been for city employees for a long time.

TILLMAN: I wish to continue to serve on our City Council because I want to see this city be all it can be for my family, and all the families of this community. Pawhuska needs strong leaders who are involved in the community, who want to see growth and positive changes. To continue to move vigorously forward, we must continue to attract new businesses, while keeping local businesses and talented individuals here. I am ready to continue to work and advocate for education, a safe community and stronger economy in our city. I understand the issues facing our city as well as the challenges. Together, we can continue to make our city a place we are proud of. The bottom line is I care about Pawhuska and I care about working for the residents here. The issues that are important to you are those very issues that are important to me. Pawhuska is my hometown, and it is where I plan to stay.


TILLMAN: I plan to accomplish quality growth that brings a relationship between the residents desires and the business community’s desire to expand and grow in our downtown area and beyond. We have an amazing opportunity right now with the opening of the Pioneer Woman Mercantile and Deli. Our leaders, business owners and residents need to embrace this opportunity. We need to make decisions and take actions that will lead to increased growth and opportunities for the future of our community. We have some challenges and changes the city has had to address and will continue to address. But with the help of our city manager and department heads, we have been strategizing and planning ways to meet these challenges and needs of our city. As your local councilor, I am committed to fulfilling my role in helping shape the future of our great municipality. Representing the citizens of Pawhuska is an honor, and I will continue to advocate for the area and ensure the best possible outcomes for local residents. I have made accountability and transparency in governance a hallmark of my time on council and will continue to do so when re-elected.

MILLESON: Reduce the fees of city services. Help improve the city.