The Lowe Family Young Scholars Program exists to assist academically promising yet economically challenged students in Bartlesville public schools to prepare for and complete college. The preparation and planning for college may be a daunting obstacle for many students and their parents both financially and organizationally. The LFYS Program wishes to remove these obstacles for qualifying students.

The LFYS Program will begin accepting applications immediately for 2017 student selection. The LFYS Program partners with the Bartlesville public school system to mentor students from sixth through 10th grades. Once students graduate, they qualify to receive a scholarship ranging in amounts from $2,000 to $4,000 per year to one of the partner universities to which the student has applied and been accepted: Rogers State University, Oklahoma Wesleyan University or Oklahoma State University.

The focus of the program is ensuring all obstacles are removed for student success. Students must maintain a 3.0 to be considered as well as to remain in the LFYS program. With the LFYS program’s assistance, all qualifying students must apply for Oklahoma’s Promise, apply for additional scholarships, and take college-track high school courses.

Attendance is expected of all parents and students at quarterly meetings where important college information is shared. Quarterly volunteer activities are also scheduled throughout the year where all LFYS program members pitch in to help other local nonprofits such as Kiddie Park, Salvation Army, and Washington County School Supply. Volunteering teaches all participants that giving back to the local community is important.

In addition to receiving a mentor, students are prepared for college and life in general through attending both in-house (Real Life/Real Choices taught by Karen Lowe, Finance For Your Future taught by Susan Rhodes) and an outside sponsored class (W.E. Pro$per, Westside Community Center). Through these classes students learn how to make good choices, to prepare for jobs and careers and invest in making sound financial decisions.

Students are exposed to career exploration through their mentors’ professions, guest speakers at quarterly meetings and by attending approved summer camps, also paid for through the LFYS Program.

For a copy of the application, click on the “Student Resources” at For more information about the LFYS Program or to become a mentor, contact Karen Lowe at 918-766-6675 or

The deadline to submit applications to be considered this year is March 15, 2017.