As anticipation grows for a late-October opening of the Pioneer Woman Mercantile Building, work has been proceeding in earnest on several other downtown-area projects.

The three-year renovation of the Mercantile Building by Ladd and Ree Drummond has served as a catalyst for a majority of the construction.

Long-awaited restoration work was started several months ago on the Triangle Building, a five-story structure at 114 W. Main. In addition getting a new roof, the vintage building is to have water and electrical services restored and its windows replaced.

Long-term plans call for the upper floors to be converted into apartment units, with the groundfloor used for retail purposes. Tulsa developers John Snyder and Bob Jack own the Triangle Building.

Snyder has been involved with the circa-1915 structure since 2004. Two years earlier, local residents had intervened to save the building from demolition.

Repairs and improvements were recently completed to the Tolson Building, Fifth and Kihekah. Exterior masonry was repaired and strengthened as part of a cosmetic redesign.

Steve Tolson said the project was part of a community effort to enhance the appearance of the downtown area by upgrading its historic buildings. He said other improvements are planned.

Remodeling also is progressing on the former pawn shop on the southwest corner of Main Street and Lynn Avenue, which has been tabbed for use as a tourist information center.