A butterfly enjoys the sweet nectar of Irene Renfro’s July Phlox, also known as Paniculata Hydrangeas. These phlox are part of Renfro’s beautifully manicured gardens at 802 East 5th. "I got my first plant from Donna (Virgil) Aaron," said Renfro. "They were living by the swinging bridge — just a block east and a block south in a big two-story house. I started mine from roots. Later, someone told me the flower was all seed and would reproduce."

Renfro explained that she cuts the plants back each fall and if anyone is interested in a cutting to contact her. She said the phlox bloom three times each season. They are currently in their first bloom which is the most luscious. Each cycle occurs 1.5-2 months. Renfro’s garden also contains beautiful peonies, irises and hibiscus. To learn more about growing July Phlox, go to www.hydrangeashydrangeas.